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Whatsapp explains what will happen to users who don’t accept its privacy policy


If you have not made up your mind on whether to adhere to the revised terms and privacy policy of Whatsapp, you will be forced to come to a conclusion sooner rather than later.

It’s no longer news that WhatsApp users who, by May 15, 2021, do not adhere to the updated terms and privacy policies will permanently lose access to their accounts.

The original deadline was scheduled for February 8, 2021, but Facebook agreed to extend the deadline to May 15, 2021, after facing opposition from its overseas users and struggling with media attention.

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Yet it looks like Whatsapp is ‘softly’ extending its grace period along with the announcement of the latest deadline. By May 15, Whatsapp will provide restricted functionlity to those that do not comply with its current terms and privacy policies, according to Whatsapp’s FAQ site. Users would be “capable of receiving calls and updates” but “will no longer read or write messages”. Whatsapp’s policies relating to inactive users would continue during this time.

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The policy developed for inactive WhatsApp users specifies that the account of a user will be open for 120 days, after which WhatsApp will immediately delete it.

In the context of this unique use case, users can also accept new terms from Whatsapp during this time or export their data or even uninstall their accounts by themselves.Although WhatsApp users are able to export their chat history before May 15, 2021, it is uncertain if users who do not approve WhatsApp terms will be able to export their chat history after the deadline.

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