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DreamFii’s UFO VPN service is a Virtual Private Network service. The app has over 5 million downloads on Google Play and is one of the most popular VPN applications for Android. Many users claim that UFO VPN is easy to use and that the connection speed is consistent. The link spot is only by area of the free edition that you can get from the Play Store. It’s also adequate for everyday use. If you want to open all locations, you’ll need a UFO VPN VIP; in this post, we’ll show you how to get the new version of this software, which allows you to view and use VIP features for free.

DreamFii (Free VPN Hotspot) currently provides two free VPN apps, but UFO VPN is the edition with the most impressive features that I can recommend to you. Since it is free and has a fast internet service, it has over 5,000,000 installations and is projected to expand in the future. You can only use two servers in a fixed position for the free edition (which comes installed by default), but this is sufficient for most purposes. Furthermore, it is completely backed in terms of encryption, meaning that your computer is safe from unforeseen attacks. I’ll go over some of the app’s other functionality in the segment below.

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key features of UFO VPN MOD Premium

UFO VPN is one of the best VPN apps for Android users. Please see its outstanding features below:

01. Stable operation

The most important factor in determining the efficiency of a VPN service is connection speed. Do you know why UFO VPNs was chosen as the name for the app? It’s due to the fact that the software is as fast as a UFO. The program currently has servers in Hong Kong, the United States, Canada, and a number of other nations. As a result, you will be able to reach the platform quickly and without difficulty. Users must, of course, upgrade to a VIP account in order to provide decent pace and reliability.

02. High security

Apart from 3G, 4G, and LTE, Wifi is the most widely used connection. When you’re out and about, connecting to a publicly available Wifi network is always a good idea because it’s normally secure. However, there are various threats involved. The public Wifi network can be used by many hackers to distribute malware and malicious code. That is why you must be vigilant at all times. When you link to them via UFO VPN, however, you may feel safe. The application offers cutting-edge technologies to fully remove hacker attacks. Furthermore, your true identity is concealed.

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03. Many connection protocols

When you connect to the Internet, the link protocol is crucial. They are the variables that control the communication speed between the client and the server. HTTP and HTTPS are the two most common protocols at the moment. In this case, HTTPS is considerably more secure than HTTP. However, there are some better protocols that you might not be aware of. UFO VPN offers a variety of connection protocols in addition to the two listed above, including HTPSS, SSX, and TCP. They also send you a quicker link.

04. VPN for Gamer

When your favorite game was published but not yet available in your world, you obviously went insane. UFO VPN would make it easy for you to download it. You simply use the app to translate the IP address to a supported location. The locked content would then be available. Furthermore, some online games have a small number of servers that are located too far away from your country. Your Ping to the server was too big at the moment, resulting in a poor gaming experience. To boost link speed, all you have to do is use UFO VPN to change your IP address to a new location.

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05. Simple and smooth interface

It’s difficult to find a VPN client with such a simple and user-friendly gui as UFO VPN VIP. To start a fast connection, simply press the green button in the center of the screen once you’ve accessed the app. It just takes a few seconds. In addition, the app links you to the spot with the fastest connection speed at the moment. With UFO VPN VIP, you can choose from a list of more than 50 different locations to change your position quickly. We have a great time together. The program runs quickly and reliably. It continues to work in the background and does not exhaust the battery except though you leave and use other programs.

UFO VPN key features

Download UFO VPN MOD Premium APK

If you’re searching for the safest and most user-friendly VPN program, I believe UFO VPN is the way to go. You can conveniently visit censored websites or play games in other countries with this fantastic app.

App info

MOD FeaturesVIP Unlocked
RequiresAndroid 5.0

What’s in the VIP version on UFO VPN

  • Increase the speed of your link up to 6 times faster than the default.
  • About 200 servers in over 50 different locations are available to you.
  • Allows for a maximum of 5 computers to be used.
  • Do not be distracted by commercials.

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