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Top Best Apps For Bitcoin Users

Best Apps For Bitcoin – The success of Bitcoin has been made possible by the use of Android and iOS apps. They allow users keep track of their favorite cryptocurrency from the convenience of their homes. Due to the pandemic, there’s been surge in Bitcoin prices. So, novel apps are coming in, that facilities users in taking advantage of the current market.

List of some of the apps.

Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet doesn’t only store Bitcoin and other hundreds of thousands of crypto assets but also lets you buy, stake, trade and supply them. In addition to this, its built-in browser allows for a secure connection. Good thing about this is that, all these features are free and are available on the Android and app store.

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Best Apps For Bitcoin

CoinATMRadar app

CoinATMRadar is a free Android app that’s available on Google PlayStore. It allows one search for crypto ATMs that’s near, giving information like fees, address and limits. In addition, one can filter searches by coin. Visit Bitcoin Era for more information on this.


It may become challenging to keep track of prices and monitor how your portfolio is doing, with Bitcoin’s volatility. This is where the app, BlockFolio comes in. BlockFolio allows you monitor your portfolio on the go. It’s designed beautifully and is a free app available on Android and app store that’s straightforward to use.

You can research Bitcoin trends from credible sources.But, its most important feature is alerts, notifying users of Bitcoin price movements as they happen. So, based on their trade strategy, they can lock in profits.


Bitcoin is no stranger to the time value of money.Many investors waits on Bitcoin’s value to rise so significantly with time so they can cash in on its gains. This is exactly what Celsius’ app on Android and iOS lets you do.

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Though this won’t give you much interest, but you can supply Bitcoin and earn back in Bitcoin. You can also earn up to 20% interest, if you opt to earn in Celsius’ CEL token.



Mentioning crypto apps won’t be complete without mentioning crypto exchange. Binance Android or iOS app is the right fit for those that are tired of poor customer services and endless downtimes of other exchanges.

It allows you to purchase Bitcoin using credit or debit card. It allows users cash in on their gains quickly, making them the best amongst others.Of recent, Binance integrated their app with their crypto card, which allows European users go through with crypto transactions. The service may soon go global for users around the world.

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