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To prevent damage from third-party docks and dongles, Apple releases macOS updates


Apple is launching an upgrade again to avoid a charging issue from destroying MacBooks, this time to address a problem where MacBook Pros were hurt in 2019 and later, and MacBook Airs in 2020 and later when attached to third-party USB-C hubs and docks (via MacRumors).

It’s unknown how common the problems are, but 74 out of 221 respondents in a Reddit poll confirmed that their M1 Air or Pro crashed after using a center. It’s better to treat the results with a grain of salt, as with all surveys, but there is an indication that some people have been having difficulties.

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Much of the problems appeared to come with the use of a third-party dock, and while some of them seem to be from very unknown brands, there are some recognizable ones known to have laptops destroyed. In the latest release documents, Apple, for its part, names them “non-compliant powered USB-C hubs and docks.”

It seems like Apple has lately been experiencing some power distribution problems. The new update, 11.2.1, was launched to address a problem where certain consumers were unable to recharge their devices if they depleted a 0 percent battery, provided a recall for other MacBook Pro batteries that would not charge more than one percent, and another recall for “a very small volume” of Apple Watches that would not charge following an update. This is hopefully the last power bug that Apple needs to iron out.

It’s probably better to download this update as soon as you can if you plug your MacBook into a dock or hub of some sort, particularly if it’s one of those affected models. Yeah, and if you see a post like this, maybe just make sur sur

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