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The Best iPhone Spy App 2020


iPhones spy is not a new phenomenon. For quite a long time, it was there. Finding such an iPhone spy app that operates without any hazards and helps on every front is new.

People are fed up engaging in a time-consuming process of set-up and installation or doing the process while facing multiple hazards. They want a mechanism that is stable and reliable. Without any doubts, they want something they can use.

If you’re looking for an iPhone spy app like that then your search will stop. We’re going to give you an honest overview of one such iPhone spy app with the aid of this post.

Best iPhone Spy App

It is possible to use spy apps to track someone without their knowledge. Usually individuals use spy apps to monitor their phone, watch over their kids, or monitor the phone of an employee. We do not condone the malicious use of these apps in any way. You should never use spy applications unless you have the other person’s consent.

iPhone monitoring app for families. This productivity and security app will guarantee the protection of your loved ones.

The Best iPhone Spy App 2020

01. Xnspy

With a user-friendly interface, better locations, multilingual support, and the strongest parental control system, Xnspy comes with one of the best GUIs. These features make it one of the iPhone’s best spy apps. With all the spy options available in this tool, you can seamlessly track your target. Xnspy can be used to survey your target as an anonymous spy.

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  • Not available for computers on the desktop
  • Only provides a single license


  • Ability to control and track a single position
  • Restrict entry to locations using Geo-fencing
  • Calls may be listed based on frequency.
  • Capability to observe behaviors for browsing
  • Capacity to study the device’s setting
  • Might block access to those applications


  • Capability to carry out offline testing
  • Variety of special characteristics
  • Backup to view deleted entries alternative
  • Installation of remote applications

02. FamiSafe

Famisafe is an iPhone monitoring app for families. Through this instrument, you will guarantee the protection of your loved ones. With the tool’s tracking option, you can trace your children. You can also track the online activities of your toddlers using this app. The tool will provide your children with ultimate protection using this application’s parental control.

Also Read: iPhone monitoring app for families. This productivity and security app will guarantee the protection of your loved ones.


  • No options for call tracing
  • Trial period limited


  • Better ability to limit and regulate online activities
  • A comprehensive list of location history can be provided
  • Capability of showing locations in real time
  • Can detect suspicious access to photos
  • Ability to limit the navigation limit with options for Geofencing
  • A powerful Web content restriction tool
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  • Support for multi-language
  • Superior Intelligent Scheduling Option
  • Daily and free updates
  • Excellent service from consumers

03. TrackMyfone

With this iPhone spyware, you can map any device’s traces. Using this app, you can monitor all mobile messages and events. In tracking your missing phone, TrackMyfone can also be helpful. You will use this tool to manage and monitor the online behaviors of children as a parental control aid. You may also disable malicious applications with this application to guarantee the online privacy of your loved ones.


  • Not found in the App Store
  • To install the software, jailbreaking is required.


  • Extensive ability for call and SMS tracking
  • Capability to control internet operations
  • Capability to view goal smartphone images
  • The computer will go through calendar activities
  • Supreme capacity to administer events on social media
  • Compatibility for multi-platforms


  • Comprehensive service for consumers
  • Capability for remote snapshots and wiping of data
  • Able to delete media files
  • Ability to monitor the position and limit it

04. iKeyMonitor

A better choice is iKeyMonitor for those searching for free iPhone monitoring software. This is a strong, easy-to-use app capable of a variety of things for parental control.

The drawback of these applications is that they have free plans available, so there is no financial risk. Of all of them, this is the best iPhone free spy app.

spy apps iphone

Having said that, for older iPhones, this app will be better. Customers have encountered difficulties with the operation of the app because two-factor authentication is enabled for the phone they are watching. Any of the qualities include:

  • Monitoring messages and calls on phone and social media
  • Websites Checking
  • Tracking Place
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05. FlexiSpy

FlexiSpy is among the top cell phone monitoring spy apps. For iOS devices, the app offers a great number of features. Advanced functionality such as call logging, remote video capture, and remote camera capture are supported by the app with simple management features. The software also tracks communications, including Facebook, Instagram, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Kik, Thread, and others on a number of instant messaging apps.

Compatibility With

The software is compliant with iOS 9.1 to 11.4.1 enabled platforms. On the new iOS, the app cannot be installed. In addition to this to install the app, you need physical access to an iPhone. The app can be installed in tethered mode for iOS 9.2 to 11.4.1. This suggests that when the device has been switched off and then off the software can just start running.


  • Provides the largest number of functions
  • Allows users to concurrently control several devices


  • Subscription plans are costly and
  • Need physical iPhone access for installation
  • Unable to install on the most popular iOS computers
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