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See how SpaceX’s first human spaceship behaved during its main escape test in-flight


SpaceX is getting ready to fly the first ever human-on-board spacecraft, the Commercial Crew Demo-2 flight (DM-2) which will take off from Florida on May 27.

There are also a couple of items left to complete until the trip, including a final check of the parachute device that happens later today. The business also shared a video rundown of its most recent uncrewed Crew Dragon ride, a presentation of the in-flight escape it conducted on January 19.

The video gives a summary of the procedures involved in the test with astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley watching on throughout the trip, including a peek at mission control.

With the Crew Dragon attached, you can see the SpaceX Falcon 9 launch as well as see it erupt in a ball of fire (as intended) during the early emergency separation. And watch the capsule itself descend comfortably back into the ocean where a SpaceX submarine is retrieving it.


This is a presentation of a main device developed as a protection precaution that would only be utilized in the unlikely case of a significant rocket failure during the take-off process, even after the spacecraft leaves the field.

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The machine operates by propelling the astronaut-carrying Crew Spacecraft rapidly and continuously at a very high speed away from the booster and second stage, to insure that the people on board are at a secure distance in the case of any accidents.

There are a range of protection precautions needed by NASA for any human spaceflight from U.S. soil with astronauts on board, in addition to a land escape device to immediately vacate the spacecraft and launch area prior to takeoff. SpaceX has proven so far that such devices are designed to a degree that has pleased the organization, which now has only a handful of pre-flight tests which run-throughs to be done until the groundbreaking launch of May 27.

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