How to scan a QR code on Android and iOS Easily

How to scan a QR code on an iPhoneStep 1: Open up the camera appApple's iPhones have built-in QR code scanning capabilities right in the camera app itself, so...
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How to Add Music to an Instagram Story in 7 Easy Steps

Adding Music From InstagramFirst, we're going to add music straight from Instagram. To start your story, tap the Camera button or Your Story icon. Snap your picture or video...

Intel to acquire smart urban transport company Moovit for $1B to increase its autonomous...

In the world of smart transportation, some major M&A is in the offing in Israel. According to many reports and sources that have approached TechiCovery, chip giant Intel is...

UK tracking software for coronavirus contacts may request users to share location data

More information was received on the UK authorities' creation of a coronavirus contact tracking app. NHSX CEO Matthew Gould said today that future versions of the application may ask...

Otonomo raises $46 million to boost its demand for car data

Today new vehicles will yield a treasure trove of data. The data would remain undisturbed without the proper resources and make it useless. Many companies have...
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Steam drops SteamVR support on Mac

Steam drops support for SteamVR on macOS indefinitely. Cut! Cut! This is the culmination of an incredibly limited period. Steam launched SteamVR back in the mists of time —...

See how SpaceX’s first human spaceship behaved during its main escape test in-flight

SpaceX is getting ready to fly the first ever human-on-board spacecraft, the Commercial Crew Demo-2 flight (DM-2) which will take off from Florida on May 27.

The proposal for senators to reign contact monitoring software makes no sense

A coalition of Republican Senators are preparing to present a privacy bill to control the data gathered from coronavirus touch tracking applications. According to a joint statement, the COVID-19...
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Corporations report disruption in 5G rollout

Mobile carriers, network operators, and analysts warn that the COVID-19 pandemic could cause disruption in the introduction of 5G networks. The warnings came as corporations...
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Apple News reaches 125 million engaged users monthly

The successful consumers of Apple's news website have hit an all-time peak since the pandemic crisis. On a benefit call, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that...