Linux vs Windows – Amazing Differences

Differences Between Linux vs Windows What is windows operating system? Windows is a series of operating systems, computer operating system (OS) developed by...
mark zuckerberg

is Facebook really the most ‘vulnerable’ big tech firm facing disruption ?

Facebook is the most vulnerable large technology company when it comes to facing disruption, a prominent venture capitalist told CNBC on Tuesday, amid ongoing concerns around privacy.
Uber 5G

Why Tech Companies are crazy about Uber’s 5G

Talking to anybody in tech industry who’s excited about the next generation of wireless service for long enough, and there’s a good chance they’ll bring up Uber.

The wierdest tech we saw at CES 2019

LAS VEGAS—Year after year, CES renews its resistance to parody. Making up stories about wacky gadgets seen at this electronics trade show is a waste of time, because the...
windows 10 startup

How to Fix Windows 10 Startup Problems

Your Windows 10 system’s startup operation might malfunction due to different reasons. From a malware attack to a problem related to its Master Boot Record – there could be...

12 tech terms you need to know

The devices and systems we use seem to change or get updated on an almost daily basis. As our lives become increasingly interconnected, a range of...

How safe is Apple’s Face ID ?

A cybersecurity researcher canceled a hacking conference briefing on how he said he could crack biometric facial recognition on Apple Inc iPhones, at the request of his employer, which called the...

Google Inc. may change Android to a more Googley term soon

Google is moving its Messages portal from to Android is synonymous with Google Inc in the mobile world. However, Google may soon be completely doing away with the...
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Beware.. This virus takes command from meme on twitter

A new virus hits android... Security researchers said they've found a new kind of malware that takes its instructions from code hidden in memes posted to Twitter. The malware itself is relatively underwhelming:...

Do you know the most needed Tech Jobs for 2020?

If not check out the list of these jobs....... The tech jobs landscape of 2020 will likely look largely the same as it did in 2018...