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How to Fix Windows 10 Startup Problems

Your Windows 10 system’s startup operation might malfunction due to different reasons. From a malware attack to a problem related to its Master Boot Record – there could be...

12 tech terms you need to know

The devices and systems we use seem to change or get updated on an almost daily basis. As our lives become increasingly interconnected, a range of...

How safe is Apple’s Face ID ?

A cybersecurity researcher canceled a hacking conference briefing on how he said he could crack biometric facial recognition on Apple Inc iPhones, at the request of his employer, which called the...

Google Inc. may change Android to a more Googley term soon

Google is moving its Messages portal from to Android is synonymous with Google Inc in the mobile world. However, Google may soon be completely doing away with the...
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How to crack Windows 10 software without stress – Must Read!!

Part #1. Crack Windows 10 Pro with KMSpicoKMSpico is an open app that can be used to unlock free Microsoft Windows 10 versions and other Microsoft products. This is...
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Beware.. This virus takes command from meme on twitter

A new virus hits android... Security researchers said they've found a new kind of malware that takes its instructions from code hidden in memes posted to Twitter. The malware itself is relatively underwhelming:...

Do you know the most needed Tech Jobs for 2020?

If not check out the list of these jobs....... The tech jobs landscape of 2020 will likely look largely the same as it did in 2018...

Is AT&T really placing a fake 5G network on their phones?

AT&T phone users will start to see a 5G logo appear in the corner of their smartphone from next year — not because they’re using a 5G phone connected to a...
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Speed Up Your Laptop with these simple ways

Do you have a Slow laptop or computer? Before you go out and get a shiny new one, there are lots of things you can do to give your current machine...
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The Dreaded Melissa Virus

Melissa Virus What Happened 'Melissa. A' maker David L. Smith pleaded guilty but said that he did not...