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MTN & Airtel in Nigeria Opera Mini Free Browsing


Be sure to download Opera Mini and Opera News from the Google Play Store if you have not yet downloaded Opera Mini or Opera News, but would like to benefit from the free browsing kit as well.

With free Opera Mini browsing, without worrying about running out of info, you can spend more time accessing your favorite websites. By allowing data saving capabilities in both Opera Mini and Opera News, you can also extend your free browsing experience.

Opera Mini and Opera News free browsing will also be available for you even though you run out of data from your latest package or packages.

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How to Bypass 50mb free Browsing limit for Opera 

For this Opera Awoof, we have found an easy way to bypass the 50MB daily limit. Until it’s bypassed, for every opera software, you can experience unrestricted free browsing. Take all those steps;

  • You have to turn on your data link in order to circumvent Opera Free 50 MB Regular Data and open either the Opera Mini Browser App or the Opera News App.
  • You will be asked to agree that you have been granted free 50 MB data on MTN after opening the browser, simply tap “I’m in” and start browsing.
  • Aim to search until the usual 50 MB Opera free data is consumed.
  • Go to Settings, pick Applications, check for Opera Mini Software, and tap Clear cache and clear storage or data (depending on your version of Android).
  • When the data and cache or cookie are removed when you are full.
  • Again, lunch any of the app, then turn on your detail.
  • You will be sent a pop-up message like the one you received to trigger the first phase.
  • Just continue to use the same procedure as above to collect more data once you complete or exceed your 50 MB.😊😊
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