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VMOS is a Virtual Machine-based APP technology (VM). Root may be enabled by one-click (root without PC) on the VMOS device. It can be considered as a virtual box. VMOS may be mounted through VM technology in the form of a regular Software to Linux or Android system. It is an Android emulator and even a one-click App cloner. In addition, VMOS is not managed by the host system and is isolated from the host system. So it is risk-free root and may also be used t (Android on the phone).

How VMOS PRo Works

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Let’s clarify VMOS Pro a little. Running on your device and functioning like a second Android OS is the point of a virtual machine app. This extra OS is going to function on your device like a guest operating system. In comparison, the Google Play Store and other Google applications will also have access to this guest account.

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Using a virtual machine app helps you to view gaming content and other applications that enable those functionality to run on a second device. And how cool is it? No it’s not to suggest that after doing all this, there’s no price to pay…

Features of VMOS PRO

  • A virtual framework is built on top of the original system.
  • The freedom to install software in a totally distinct and safe environment.
  • The minimum standards are conveniently met.
  • It’s quick to switch between guest and host schemes.
  • Nice UI that integrates the device well with it.
  • Ability to upload applications from the host scheme to the guest setup.
  • The host system is untouched by the guest system.

Download VMOS PRO v1.0.42

Download the latest free VMOS Pro APK update for Android now. This Virtual Machine App for your android smartphone functions as a second Android device account.

NameVmos Pro
Android Version Requires 5.0+
Latest version1.0.42
DeveloperSoftware based on Virtual machine
Size25 MB

Device Requirements

  • First of all, a minimum of just over 32GB of storage would need to be sufficient for your phone. If you will see most older versions would not even have ample room to do this remotely.
  • Second, VMOS Pro allows your device to have at least 3 GB of RAM.
  • Finally, alongside other configuration choices and configurations, there would be a couple of different permissions needed to do virtualization.
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