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Latest Glo Unlimited 2020 & 2021 Free Browsing Cheat


For the same year, June July 2020, Glo unlimited free browsing is something that most people like. Here comes another glo free browsing cheat again that seems to last long until 2021 because it was just discovered and it is already flexed by individuals.

The latest way to activate the glo unlimited free browsing cheat 2020 with you and the glo free browsing cheat 2021, which works by following some simple tasks and procedures, we will now share with you.

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Latest Glo Unlimited Browsing Requirements

  • Two Glo sim 3G or 4G
  • A smartphone

How to Activate Glo Unlimited Browsing cheat

  • Get 2 Glo Sim Card (SIM 1 & SIM 2)
  • Then Subscribe to Glo Night Plan which is from 12AM-5AM on (SIM 1).
  • Just Share the Night Plan Data from (SIM 1 to SIM 2) if you don’t know how to Share Data on Glo just dial *127*01* SIM 2 NUMBER #. in order to know if it works Make sure there is no data or bonus on (SIM 2) which you are sharing to because this unlimited balance need be 0.0kb
  • Now you can browse with the Data on (SIM 2) but please don’t finish the data shared data. to be on a safer side just turn of the data connection of (SIM 2) and turn it on around 4:30AM
  • Please Make sure your internet connection is turned on before 5AM on (SIM 2)
  • Once it hs clock 5AM, the Night Subscription Data on (SIM 2) will not be touched and you can browse, Download an stream anything unlimitedly and free.
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Thing to remember about this free browsing for Glo Unlimited

  • Data that was shared to (SIM 2) must not be finished.
  • Your data connection on (SIM 2) must not be turned off in anyways.
  • Between 12AM and 5AM the data connection must be turned by then.
  • Remember after 5AM or more once you turn off the data connection your browsing will stop.
  • If the data is not turned off you can keep browsing unlimitedly till 12AM.
  • Unlimited browsing process should pause between 12AM and 5AM.
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