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iPhone 13 Mini Prototype Leak, Shows Rear View


It’s no longer a secret that Apple is working on a new gadget that will be released next year. The upcoming iPhone 13 mini has been generating a lot of hype, and we recently saw a leaked image of the handset.

A CAD drawing of the computer was leaked on the microblogging network Weibo just last week. A hand-on shot of a prototype has now appeared on the internet. The render reveals the iPhone 13 mini with square-like diagonal dual rear cameras, which has not been officially verified by Apple because mass manufacturing is still months away.

The device’s shared picture displays the two sensors, which are now arranged diagonally, as opposed to the vertically stacked version used on the iPhone 12. The camera bumps on the entire 13-series will get thicker, unlike what we have on the 12 series. The iPhone 13 mini is supposed to look very similar to the previous 12 mini in terms of style.

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iPhone 13 Mini

According to a new article, the iPhone 13 Mini will have the same 5.4-inch display as the iPhone 12 and will be the same size as the iPhone 12 mini. In comparison to the iPhone 12 mini, the iPhone 13 mini will use modern features to expand battery power and improve battery life.

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