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How to use your Android as a TV remote control

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All began to come with one after the remote control was invented and we suddenly have a bunch of keys, and the one that goes missing is always the one that we need. Universal remotes are useful but huge, and often frustrating. Just guess what? There’s an alternative to this! If you have an Android phone, you can use your Android phone to power not only your TV but also your cable box and other stereo equipment with the aid of an app. However, the extent to which you can use your phone in this manner is somewhat dependent on the built-in capabilities of both your phone and your TV.

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How it Works

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In 2013, Samsung, HTC, LG, and Sony added an IR blaster to some smartphone models to give the language of remote controls, an infrared signal.
You could not see it. Many phones have the power button concealed under the cannon. With the right software, telephones with IR blasters can be configured to power TV and other audiovisual equipment.
8 Samsung, LG, and others started selling smart TVs — TVs with Wi-Fi capabilities much earlier than in 2013. Your phones and a smart TV can communicate either directly or via your Wi-Fi network with the right app, again.
Whatever the process, it can be difficult to find an app that will connect with your TV and satellite dish. There are now hundreds of TV remote apps and it can be difficult to find the best one for your Screen, and your cable or satellite box. Sorting through them before you go cross-eyed:

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– When you have an IR Blaster on your computer, a built-in remote control app will be enabled which is also very nice. You do not need to search any further.

– For WiFi access, go to the website of your television manufacturer to find applications made for your tv. Then, find the suggested application in the Play shop.

– Most devices go through the process of adding a device; quality devices aren’t hard to set up for use.

Apps for Smart TVs

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Smart televisions are easy to find. The box is filled with details about how you can interact with YouTube and Netflix and other streaming services with only your TV when you purchase them. Smart TVs also have a key menu screen that is more reminiscent of your phone or laptop than any TV you own.
Smart TV applications in the Play Store are somewhat harder to find. First, go to your TV manufacturer’s website for tips on mobile devices. If your cable or satellite box is not controlled by the manufacturer’s app-though most have options for major cable and satellite carriers-then check your carrier’s website for their app. Here are a few applications which use Wi-Fi. Check the Play store for additional applications under “Remote Access Wi-Fi”:

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Remote Control app from Direct-TV controls your DirecTV receiver but not your TV.

Sony’s Easy Remote TV Sideview has a helpful program guide and also offers show recommendations based on your viewing preferences, and has recently added support to LG TVs.

LG TV Remote is a formidable device. You can monitor several TVs, access software, view live TV on your telephone screen, snap a image of what you watch. It also has a touchpad to monitor the on-television pointer.

Apps for Phones with an IR(infrared) Blaster

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Peel’s Smart Remote on the Galaxy S5 comes pre-installed but can be downloaded for any Android device. It’s packed in app, but certainly the “coolest” app is the support for controlling your air conditioner.

Smart IR Remote-AnyMote supports 800,000 devices at the time of publication; your TV is possibly one of those devices. It is highly rated and if the remote from your computer is not in the database, then you can record buttons to create your own remote.

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MyURemote is extremely expensive but also very powerful. It uses IR commands, and even IP or RS232 commands. This is the ultimate entertainment and home automation control device.

Many devices to power the television

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If you don’t have an Android Phone with IR capabilities yet, and you prefer the dumb side of your TVs, there are still a few choices available:

– Harmony Smart Hub from Logitech converts the signal from your computer into one that your TV and other devices understand, using your TV and cable satellite box IR and Bluetooth signals to power your game console.

Blumoo does the same as the Harmony Smart Hub except for sending out IR signals, no bluetooths. But it is a little cheaper than the Harmony, too.

Chromecast and Roku will both plug in your Smart TV right into a USB port and are powered by your phone through your Wi-Fi network. It is not to control your TV for the programming you already have, but it allows you to access Internet content through your TV, which you can monitor on your Android phone through an application. Roku combines the ability to download content from the Internet directly with content coming from your phone or tablet. Chromecast only “cast” what you watch on your smartphone or tablet

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