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How To Use NIMC Mobile App to Get Your National ID Card and digital ID Online 2021


It takes up to 4 years in Nigeria to get a National ID card: going digital won’t fix the problem-NIMC has streamlined the procedure by actually making it easier to get your National ID Card online. It’s frustrating to travel to their office, but you can get your National ID card in a few minutes with this newly introduced online process.

How To Use NIMC Mobile Application to Get Your National ID Card Online

The NIMC Mobile ID app is designed to enable users, through their smartphones, to view and print their national identification cards online. In today’s digital age, it is a strategy which makes sense. To search your digital ID number and also download your national identification card, Nigerians can use the mobile application.

National ID Card

Request a National Identification Number

How Does the Mobile ID App for NIMC Work?

You need to have registered with the NIMC and have been given a national identification number to be eligible to access the app (NIN). You are not registered for a National ID card if you have not done so and you will be unable to use the NIMC Mobile ID service.

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You should register with any branch of the NIMC nationally with the National Identity Scheme. Enrollment will be open. You can kickstart the registration process electronically HERE to reduce the time needed to complete the process. And then go to a laboratory to finish it. You can find a list of NIMC enrolment centers on the NIMC website HERE.

How to check your Digital ID number with the NIMC Digital ID App

  • Download the mobile ID program for NIMC. You can download from the Google Play Store HERE for Android users. You can download from the App Store HERE for your iPhone.
  • After Downloading the App…
  • Then install and open the App
  • Enter your National Identity Number (NIN). NOTE: make Sure the number is correct… If you forget the number.. Simply dial *346* on the SIM you register your NIN with…
  • Next enter your registration number
  • Your national identification card, which contains your digital ID code, will be shown on the app.
nimc national identity card app

Notice that you will be forced to add a PIN to lock the app if you are using the app for the first time. At any time you want, you can print out your national ID card from the app.

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