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How to use Control Centre on the Mac


It will add the iOS / iPadOS Control Center to the Mac for the first time when macOS Big Sur begins launch. As a consequence, many convenient features are all in one spot and only a touch away for things such as Wi-Fi , Bluetooth, light, volume and more.

How to Open the Mac Control Centre

When macOS Big Sur releases (or if you run beta), you can find a new icon next to date and time in the menu bar at the top of the page. Sitting on top of each other, it appears like two light switches: one is turned on, the other off.
This is the Control Center symbol. Clicking on it unlocks a drop-down menu where you’ll see a variety of different icons and buttons on the slider. If you’ve used an iPhone or iPad Control Center so it’ll be familiar immediately.

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How do I get My Mac Control Center?

The Control Centre is part of macOS Major Sur, even if you update to the latest version of Apple’s Mac operating system, you will only get the functionality on your Mac. Fortunately, this is free and should be an simple operation, as long as your computer is compliant with the new program.
Read our detailed guide to macOS Big Sur to find out more about availability, planned release times, and the variety of new features it provides, such as Mail notifications, Safari, Texts, Maps and others.

How to create more Control Center settings 

In the Control Center, you can specify which configurations to appear. 

  • Device Settings Open > Dock 
  • Select the Bar Tab. 
  • Now pick the features that you want to install and tick the Display button in the Control Centre.

How to move controls to the Menu bar

MacOS Big Sur offers another cool function that will further improve your ability to fine-tune the device by allowing you to move objects out of the Control Center and position them directly on the Menu Bar.
Doing this produces an icon on the menu bar that unlocks all the applicable options that you might have seen in the Control Centre when you press on it. As you can imagine, when you no longer use them, any of these can be just as quickly eliminated.

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What can you do with Control Centre on the Mac?

As the name suggests, this is a simple way to turn on, off or change features to meet your tastes. There are Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, AirDrop, Do Not Interrupt, Screen Light, AirPlay Monitor, Monitor (Light and Dark Mode), Sound (Volume Level) settings in the standard interface, as well as any widgets you’ve installed.

Some buttons, such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, allow you only by clicking on the icon to activate or disable the feature, but you can also pick the area next to it to open up additional options.

Clicking on Wi-Fi opens up all the networks on which you can connect. 

Bluetooth displays any compatible devices or devices that are available , allowing you to click on one to pair it to your Mac. It also helps you reach Bluetooth Settings easily.

Display For instant change, you have a slider or if you press on it, an extended window appears with controls to switch on and off Dark Mode or Night Shift.

AirPlay Display There are two choices: View Preferences and Sidecar Preferences, so you can transfer the video in only a few clicks to an external computer or a compatible iPad. See our guide on how to use Sidecar, since using the iPad is an outstanding way to add an extra screen to the Mac.

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AirDrop Give you a shortcut to the AirDrop feature, which makes files and images easy to share with other Macs, iPhones and iPads.

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