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How to Transfer Whatsapp Chat to Telegram


Are you one of those who entered the Telegram App recently or are thinking of flipping from the Famous WhatsApp to Telegram? You will continue with your previous chats on Telegram if you want to do so. He didn’t leave it behind.

WhatsApp Telegram ChatIn January alone, with a total of over 25 million sign-ups in three days, Telegram clinched over 100 million new users. Taking advantage of this, WhatsApp chat import service now.

How to Transfer Whatsapp Chat to Telegram

Users of Android and iOS can use this functionality. If you are using any of the platform, you can easily switch and pass all your chats to Telegram and enjoy the limitless functionality of the Telegram App.

How to Transfer Whatsapp Chat to Telegram

Open a WhatsApp chat to move chats to Android, press ⁇ > More > Export Chat, and select Telegram from the Share menu to move chats to Android.

You need to open the Contact Info or Community Info tab in WhatsApp to transfer WhatsApp chat to iOS devices such as your iPhone, tap Export Chat, and then pick Telegram from the Sharing menu.

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This will copy all the latest communications you have had instantly, be it text messages or photos, and upload them to Telegram.

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