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How to Take a Screenshot on iPhone (Full Page Screen Capture)


Taking a screenshot on an iPhone has been fairly easy especially for experienced users. As a matter of fact, you can take a screenshot of literally almost anything that appears on your iPhone screen.

As for those who aren’t quite well-versed with using the Apple-made smartphone, you can take a screenshot by following the steps listed below.

Screenshot on iPhone

How to Taking a Long Full Page Screenshot

Many people will not be aware of this screenshot strategy. Nonetheless, it is a very useful approach that can be accomplished by merely following the steps below:

  • Take a screenshot of your iPhone like you usually can.
  • Once you’ve taken a screenshot, quickly press on the screenshot preview. Don’t save it just yet.
  • There should be two choices at the top of the screenshot picture until you see the screenshot preview. There is a “Screen” alternative and a “Full Page” option. Choose the second choice.
  • You will use the scrollbar to scroll up and down the whole page to preview it, depending on how long it is. Cropping some sections, especially those at the top and bottom, is also an option.
  • Simply tap “Done” when you’re finished. It’s worth mentioning that taking a full long page screenshot would result in a PDF file being saved to your device. You also have the option of saving the file to a special location. You have the option of saving it to your phone’s local storage or to your iCloud Disk.
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That’s what there is to it! If you don’t see the “Full Page” alternative after taking a screenshot, it’s most possible that you’re taking a screenshot of a page that’s either too short or isn’t a site page.

You won’t have any trouble saving whole posts or lengthy web pages if you follow the steps above. Furthermore, you can do so without having to import some third-party apps. In the most recent release of iOS, it’s already a built-in option. If you haven’t updated your phone’s apps yet, you can do so as soon as possible!

GL COMP iphone

How to Use Your iPhone to Take a Standard Screenshot (with Touch ID)

You do the following if your iPhone model has a side button and Touch ID:

  • Click the side button (power button) and the home button at the same time. If you’re not sure where the home button is on your phone, it’s the circular physical button in the center of the screen.
  • As soon as the screen image has been captured, quickly release the two keys.
  • Once you’ve finished the measures above, your device can take a shot of whatever is on the phone. You may either choose to change it or save it as is.
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The technique may vary slightly if you’re using a different iPhone model. If your iPhone has Face ID, for example, you must concurrently click the side button and the volume up button.

There is no other way to take a screenshot, so you’ll have to obey these directions.

The trouble with taking screenshots on an iPhone is this: When you take a screenshot of a web page, the default setting is for it to record just what is visible on the screen. What if you want to grab the whole page? Can you take a long screenshot of the whole website, even places that aren’t visible on the screen? Yes, absolutely!

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