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How to Share Data on Glo Network


Are you a Glo subscriber, but you have no idea how your family and friends will exchange Glo data? If so, these tips for Glo data transfer will benefit you.In Nigeria and in Africa at large, Glo network is one of the major providers of networks. It has a lot of great deals and incentives that are too enticing to let go of being an indigenous mobile network operator.

You can now share with friends, families and loved ones your data plans. Instead of purchasing four separate data plans, you should purchase a data plan and share it with your wife and two sons. On the Glo network, you can share your data on Glo plan with a limit of 5 users. Anyone you share with is informed with immediate internet access via sms.

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Share Glo Data With friends

How To Share Glo Data With Friends

Using two ways, one online and the other off-line, you can share data with friends and relatives on Glo. Visit HERE in order to post online. Alternatively, from your smartphone (using Glo SIM).

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  • Dial *127*01*[number]#
  •  or Send “Share [friend’s number]” to 127 to Connect people to link via sms
  • E.g. Dial *127 *01*08122912XXX#
  • or Send Share 08122912XXX to 127 via sms.

How to unshare Glo Data with friends

  • Dial *127*02*[number]#
  • or Send “Remove [friend’s number]” to 127 to Connect people to link via sms
  • E.g. Dial *127 *02*08122912XXX#
  • or Send Remove 08122912XXX to 127 via sms.

How to check list of friend’s sharing Glo Data with

  • Dial *127*00# or Send “List” to 127

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