How to Lock an Android Screen


Android is an operating system developed specifically for digital devices, such as both smartphones and tablets. While not created by Google, the Android and Google terms are interchangeable today and can hardly go without the other once. Android today has the distinction of making, since 2011, the most common operating system in the world. For smartphones and tablets, this is particularly so. And since 2020, the Google Play Store has almost 3 million applications that you can import to your  Android devices.

With well over two billion monthly Android subscribers, it is vital that all of these users know how to lock their smartphones. We’re going to look at smartphones that go as far back as the 2.2 OS Android.

Locking the screen for Android

The most popular way to lock the screen on your Android smartphone is to use the power button. But apart from that, there’s also the possibility of installing applications or locking the device via Settings.

  • Download a free app called Switching Off Screen from the Google Play Store to prevent wasting the Control Knob. When enabled, open it and activate it, triggering the showing of two icons on your home screen. Switch Off is read by the first icon and Power Off Data is read by the second. We are only interested in locking your Android screen with the first button, so tap on it softly. It’s accessible on versions of Android 2.2 or higher.
  • Login to the Google Play Store and download an application named In / Off Gravity Panel. To switch the computer on or off, this app incorporates both distance and gravity radars. It’s not even important to contact your smart device after it’s mounted, put it face down, and it locks automatically. To open it, pick it up and turn it over.
  • The other way to secure your computer is by going through the phone, without the intervention of software. So, go to Settings on your Android device, then click until you find the Lock Screen icon and tap on it. From three choices, you can select the type of screen lock you want: Template, PIN, or Password. Biometrics (face recognition or fingerprints) can also be used to circumvent the above-mentioned screen locks, particularly when your hands are otherwise occupied.
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How to Lock an Android Screen

Screen Shortcuts Lock

There are those times where the phone is locked and one of the commonly used applications has to be used urgently. You should build shortcuts on your Android device’s lock screen for this purpose.

You can choose for more than two applications in your Lock Screen shortcut, depending on the edition of your Android system.

Go to ‘Setting’ to enable this, then ‘Lock Screen’ and then press on ‘Device shortcuts’. You can select one app for the lower left side of your screen and another for the lower right side of your phone.

Return to the home screen to try it out and then lock your phone. To rev up the screen, click the Power knob and you can see your software icons.

Depending on which corner of the screen you want to reach, swipe your finger from left to right or right to left. Your app will open rapidly.

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Smart lock

With this option, when you’re in a safe place, you can partially let go of the reins. In these 3 situations, the handset will immediately open.

  • One, if it’s your gadget on your human. You can only activate it once and the handset can feel this and stay unlocked as long as it stays in motion. It can lock itself after detecting that it’s been set down.
  • Two, your phone may sense it through GPS and unlock if you are in a safe location like your house. 
  • And third, if your phone is linked to a computer on your “trusted” list via Bluetooth, it will stay throughout the session. 

The nitty-gritty of it differs from gadget to gadget for a number of these tasks, but the general methodology remains the same.

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