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How to Get the verified on Twitter


Twitter verification helps users to know if a public interest account is legitimate.The badge appears next to the name on the profile of an account and in search results next to the name of the account. It is still the same color and put in the same place, irrespective of the customization of the profile or theme color.

Accounts that do not have the badge next to their name but show it somewhere else are not checked accounts, for example, in the profile photo, header photo, or bio.

Twitter must be used for authenticated badges, and accounts that use a badge as part of profile pictures, background pictures or in any other manner that suggests authenticated status are liable to permanent suspension of the account.

What kinds of Twitter accounts can be verified?

Twitter account can be checked if the account is determined to be a public interest account. This usually entails user accounts for music, acting, fashion, government, politics , religion, journalism, television, sports, industry, and other main fields of interest.

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A checked badge does not mean Twitter’s endorsement.

Twitter verification

How can I get verified on Twitter?

You just need to update your Twitter profile with your latest stats, check your phone number and email address, and then fill out a form to get the Twitter Blue Badge. Comply with these instructions:

  • Use your profile photo, cover photo, name, website, and bio to fill out your profile.
  • Add and check your email address with a checked phone number.
  • Your birthday is attached.
  • Set “public” as your tweets.

Be mindful that you would need a copy of a photo ID if you are applying for authentication of a personal profile, and not a company profile. That may be a driver’s license or a passport. Recently, Twitter shared some of the criteria that should be met for aid authentication, including ensuring that the public interest is in the Twitter account.

More Tips on Getting verified on Twitter

Verified Twitter

As the verification application process for Twitter is no longer available, having confirmed is now based on accepting the account as deserving of public interest by Twitter and other users.

  1. Always Active
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Inactive accounts on Twitter are not the mark of the general interest, nor do they attract followers successfully. You’ll signal the importance of your account to existing fans, potential audiences, and Twitter itself by regularly posting high-quality content.

  1. Tag Verified Accounts

It would also add integrity and link you with another checked Twitter account by providing the handling of an employer or affiliate organisation in your bio section. It will help users check your occupation or popular Twitter links easily.

  1. Get Specific

By including information in your Twitter profile, check your knowledge and importance. Showcase main milestones and, if possible, use unique numbers or KPIs. It can sound self-promotional, but it helps verify your reputation and imagine it.

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