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How to fix a laptop cursor that’s stuck


For decades, the cursor and the laptop have gone side in side, so it can be unbelievably irritating when the former ceases functioning. It limits the movement around your PC to keyboard shortcuts, unless you have an external mouse on hand. Using a touchscreen interface could improve the problem, but it is also far from intuitive to stop cursor-based navigation.

This is one dilemma that it is not possible that the classic ‘turn it off and on again’ would help. Instead, you’ll need to find a way to re-enable the trackpad, which is annoyingly quick to accidentally uninstall.

Whether it’s using a dedicated button, key combination or via the BIOS, most laptops let you do this in some way. We will run through these three alternative solutions in this post.

Look for a Keyboard Touchpad Switch


The first thing to do is to search for any button with a symbol that looks like a touchpad with a line across it on your keyboard. Click it to see if it begins rolling the mouse again.If not, at the top of the keyboard, scan the row of function keys.

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Most would have icons, so look for one that might be a trackpad again, usually F7, but we have seen laptops that use F5 and F9 as well.

How to patch the cursor caught on the laptopIt is doubtful that pressing this key alone would work, but it is proven to work on some computers. You would need to click and hold the Fn key in most situations, and then click the necessary feature key to bring your cursor back to life.

Mouse Properties

Check the settings for your Windows

  • Click the Button to Start.
  • In the search area, type ‘mouse’ and then pick Mouse (or Mouse settings) from the search results.
  • Only enter directly into the search box on the Taskbar in Windows 10.
  • Select the touchpad from the list on the Computer Configuration tab of the Mouse Properties screen. Click on each one if you don’t know which one to pick and you’ll possibly see one is disabled.
  • Then, to turn your TouchPad on, press the Activate button.
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Check if Your Laptop LED is Lit

In the top-left corner, certain HP laptops have an LED that indicates that when lit, the touchpad has been disabled. To reactivate the touchpad, all you need to do is press twice.

If you find any difficulties do well to leave a comment below. Thank you

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