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How to Check if Linking your NIN to your MTN, Airtel, 9mobile & Glo was Successful


Right now, attaching your SIM card to NIN is probably one of the most discussed topics in the world. Mixed reactions have been produced by the subject, although some are in favor of it, many believed the process was coming at a wrong moment, given the pandemic of Covid-19. It seems the federal government is not backing out of the exercise, whatever your viewpoint might be.

Over 8 million people have submitted or successfully connected their SIM with their NIN, according to a recent survey. I have also discussed on this blog how you can connect your NIN to the network of MTN, Airtel, 9mobile and Glo. Today, we will look at how to check if the linking process has been successful.

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According to a recent update, the government has issued a deadline for the completion of the linking process and the deadline has been suspended. Just to be on the safer side, you can also search to see if yours has been successfully connected. To do this, for all the networks, see below.

How to check if your NIN is connected to your MTN line successfully

MTN requires subscribers to dial *785# and type their NIN for submission, in which a message “Submitted Successfully” will be shown.

In the case of MTN, NIMC verifies all requested NINs and you will get a confirmation message from MTN after it has been successfully confirmed.

To see if it can tell you that your NIN has already been connected to your MTN SIM, you can even try repeating the submission process.

How to check if your NIN is connected to your AIRTEL line successfully

If by dialing the *121*1# code you have linked your NIN to your Airtel SIM, then you should have received a message saying that they will get back to you on the verification status.

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In the meantime, most users have sent a confirmation message on the Airtel network and some have not, so if you have yet to receive a confirmation message, then do so.

Just resend your NIN via the code *121*1# until you receive the success message of the NIN submission.

How to check if your NIN is connected to your GLO line successfully

You’ll receive a submission success message after you have submitted your NIN to go, after which you’ll have to wait.

By dialing *109# and entering your NIN in the pop-up box, you can submit your NIN and wait for a message: success.

If you are not sure that your NIN has been successfully linked to your Glo SIM earlier, you can also keep on retrying.

That’s all about checking whether your NIN has been linked to your phone number successfully.

How to check if your NIN is connected to your 9mobile line successfully

9mobile seems quite different as the option to verify the NIN linked to your SIM card has been provided. Just dial *200*# You will be given 3 options to verify your linked NIN number 1 and select 1 and wait for a confirmation message.

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A message will be sent to you confirming whether or not your NIN is successfully linked to your 9-mobile line.

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