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How To Change the IMEI number of your Android Phone


Changing the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number of a phone could lead to some advantages and disadvantages.

It’s very useful in case a phone get missing or stolen, the IMEI number can be used to trace and track the device. At the same time if the IMEI number of a phone changes, the phone can’t be tracked or trace the location of the device again.

I want to assume that you definitely know the reasons, meaning, and effect of changing IMEI number before changing it but if you don’t, I’ll be explaining to you the full meaning and the effects of changing IMEI number.

What is the IMEI number?

The IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number is a unique 15 digits number that all mobile phones have and it usually used to identify GSM, WCDMA, and iDEN mobile phones, and also satellite phones.

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Most phones have just one IMEI number but phones that use dual SIM cards have two IMEI numbers.

As I also said earlier, it can be used to track a lost or stolen device.

What happens when you change your IMEI number?

When you change your IMEI number, your phone can’t be tracked, you can reset, update and repair your phone and you can fix any invalid IMEI number problem on any device.

How to Check IMEI number

To check the IMEI number of any phone or tablet,

  1. Dial #06# on your mobile phone dialer
  2. A 15 digits number will be displayed, that’s the IMEI number.

How to Change your IMEI number

Ok now let’s proceed on how to change the IMEI number of any phone.

  1. Download MTK tool
  2. Open the mobile uncle tool and scroll to Engineering mode (MTK) then click on it
  3. Click on CDS information 
  4. Click the Radio information and you will get phone 1 and phone 2
  5. Depending on the sim IMEI number you wish to change, phone 1 is SIM 1 and phone 2 is SIM 2.
  6. To change SIM 1 IMEI number, touch phone 1 and in the popup, touch the AT+
  7. Once you touch the Keyboard will pop up
  8. In the keyboard, type any single letter and cancel only the letter you have typed
  9. Immediately you can notice the scribes that is for you It looks like AT+EGMR=1,7″”
  10. Click the first row and after 9 you can notice the simple “” 
  11. Delete the last inverted comma and type the IMEI number you generated
  12. Verify the typed IMEI numbers, then close the inverted commas “
  13. Click the SEND AT COMMAND
  14. Once the pop up display indicates AT command successfully sends.
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That’s all on how to change the IMEI number of any phone. 

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