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How to backup and print messages from Android


If it’s a digital copy on your computer or a physical copy in the form of a printout, there are many reasons you may want to backup and print messages from Android.

Backing up your messages on your PC ensures that you already have a secure backup to look back on if something should happen to your system itself. The messages can also be restored to another device, depending on the system you chose!

If you want a physical copy of correspondence for work, for use in court cases, or if you merely want to preserve those cherished memories, printing out your text message exchanges can be indispensable.

Method 1: Android Messages Backup and Print with Droid Switch

Let’s see if we can print messages from a device running Android.

  • Download Droid Transfer and install it on your PC
  • From the feature list, click the ‘Messages’ tab. 
  • Pick a conversation to be printed. 
  • Print the whole chat, or pick the dates you want to print by pressing ‘Set Date Range’ in the Droid Transfer. 
  • Click the Print button and check which printer to use.
How to back up and print messages from Android

Droid Move also allows you the ability to print notes, in addition to saving Android messages.

Link your Android smartphone to your computer with Droid Transfer to do this. Please check out our fast start guide for Droid Move if you need help doing this.

Open the “Messages” tab from the function list on the left side of the program until you are set up.

backup and print messages from Android

You can now pick which messages you want to print. Click the email to highlight them in the folder to do this. Use the ctrl-click combination to select multiple touch conversations.

backup and print messages from Android

You may use the ‘Fixed Dates’ feature to narrow down the written communication if you either need certain messages, or messages between certain dates.

Only click “Print” once you have made your pick! Your default print settings will be provided to you and you can select which printer you want to print the conversations on.

Method 2: Save and Print Messages by Taking Screenshots

Taking screenshots is the simplest and safest way on your Android smartphone to save a few messages. You will usually catch what is actually shown on your computer with the click of a button on your phone.

The biggest downside here is that a handful of notifications can only be viewed on your Android. As such, to catch a full conversation, you will need to screenshot, scroll down, screenshot, repeat, This is very time-consuming, as you might expect.

How to take a screenshot of messages on an Android device

First of all, open the Messages app on your smartphone, open the conversation that you want to record, and then scroll to show the messages that you want to capture on your phone.

Now, to take a screenshot, based on your device’s make and model, the steps will differ slightly. We have listed below the most popular ways of taking screenshots on Android:

  • For a few seconds, press and hold the power (on / off) button and the volume down button simultaneously. Your screen will animate as if an image has been taken. 
  • If not, keep the power button for a few seconds on your own. This will open a menu where “Screenshot” or “Take Screenshot” can be taped.

The capture will be stored as a photo file on your device until you have taken a screenshot. In your Images app (or Gallery app if you are using an older Android), you can find your screenshots.

You can pick images and share them with your computer via email from the Photos app. You can store them on your computer until you have them as email attachments, and even print them off the computer!

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