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How to Add widgets on your iOS 14 iPhone Home screen


Customization has always been one of the main differences between iOS and Android. In the interest of compatibility and accessibility, Google’s mobile iOS provides greater control about how the device looks and sounds, although Apple restricts these improvements. Yet iPhone and iPad owners are unexpectedly learning how to make their phones and tablets look and sound genuinely different with the introduction of iOS 14 last week.

Back to widgets, though! Previously, only the Today screen was available for widgets. That’s the interface you see as the first home screen swipes to the left.

This remains important, as your latest, updated widgets are still a home. It’s just that you can now put them as you want on your home screen.

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In iOS 14, the new-style widgets bring you details at a glance and, as you’ll see, you can put them as you like and in various sizes. Only embedded applications now have buttons, although this will change.

how to use iphone ipad home screen widgets ios 14

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How to add widget to your ios 14 Home screen

  1. Tap and hold to enter the edit (also known as ‘jiggly’) mode anywhere on your home screen. 
  2. In the upper-left corner of the screen, touch the + button. 
  3. Tap one of the pre-defined widgets shown to you, or tap an app that you want to use for the widget.
  4. To select which size to use, move left or right on the widget sizes. 
  5. Press and move the widget that you choose to use on the home screen to the appropriate location. 
  6. To quit “jiggle mode,” tap Done.

how to Deleting widget from your Home screen 

  1. Touch the widget that you intend to delete and keep it. 
  2. And choose Delete Widget. 
  3. Tap Delete again for confirm.

How to create a widget or add it to a Smart Stack

add widget

Do the following if you choose to build a Smart Stack from two or more widgets or add a material source to the Smart Stack. 

  1. On a widget that you want to add to a smart stack, tap and hold. 
  2. To build a smart stack, drag the widget to the Smart Stack and release it, or drag it to another standalone widget.

How to edit a widget using a Smart Stack 

A Smart Stack is a widget that is comprised of other widgets in nature. In an effort to surface the most important material available, it cycles the details it presents during the day. But you can manually edit the Smart Stack to help fine-tune what you see.

  1. Tap and hold until the background menu appears on the Smart Stack widget. 
  2. Tap Stack edit. 
  3. To rearrange the order of the contents shown in the stack, tap and drag the arrangement bars.
  4. For a material source that you wish to delete from the stack, swipe to the left. 
  5. Just press Delete. 
  6. To turn the feature on or off, tap the switch next to Smart Rotate.

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