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How To Activate Glo WTF Social Bundle Plan, 500MB for N100 with 30 Days Validity


Glo WTF Social Bundles is a social bundle that enables Glo subscribers to get a small charge for big social media info. For those who enjoy spending more time on social media sites / apps, the strategy was planned. Only WhatsApp, Twitter , and Facebook were limited.

Another interesting aspect of the kit is that all new and old Glo consumers are eligible for the WTF social bundle. No recent or ongoing consumer stories.

The validity of social media knowledge from Glo depends on the sort of plan that you choose.

Glo WTF Social Bundle

The plan offers a whopping 500MB for just N100, 200MB for N50, and 100MB for N25.

How To Subscribe to Glo WTF Social Bundles Plan

  1. Dial the code *777#
  2. and select > Data Bundles > Social Bundle
  3. And lastly, select the WTF Bundle to activate your preferred plan.
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Glo WTF Social Bundles, Get 500MB For 100 Naira

Data BundleAmount RateValidity Date
100MBN251 day / 24hrs
200MBN501 week / 7days
500MBN10030 days / 1 month
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