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How to activate Free Daily 9mobile 150MB Data For EC Tunnel PRO


today we offer you another 9mobile free data cheat that will allow you use 9mobile 150MB data 2020 on a regular basis. you can also get 9mobile SocialPak 2.5GB+500MB Cheat On KPN Tunnel Rev

9mobile has earlier introduced 80MB per day before, but unexpectedly, now it’s risen to 150MB per day. Although there is not much data space, it is useful for regular social media chatting and fast internet surfing.

I’ll show you how to set up EC Tunnel PRO VPN for 9Mobile 150MB cheats in this article. It’s really straightforward and simple. No need for so many settings. Only choose Server and Tweak. You’re connected to the boom.

9Mobile 150MB Daily Data Requirements

  • 9mobile sim 3G or 4G without data
  • Working Smartphone
  • EC Tunnel PRO VPN

  • 9mobile APN default settings

How to Activate Daily 9Mobile 150MB Data

  • Open after downloading EC Tunnel PRO,
  • To load tho servers and tweaks (if this is your first time  installing this VPN), you will need the Internet.
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Screenshot 20201018 155256Screenshot 20201018 155307
  • Then choose any country server of your choice when the servers and tweaks are loaded,
  • Then select Tweak 9mobile NG 150MB / Day
Screenshot 20201018 155333Screenshot 20201018 155352
  • Finally, to connect, tap the Start button.
Screenshot 20201018 155407

On each 9mobile sim, note that it is 150MB per day. You will have to wait until 12:00AM until you can reconnect when you finish your daily cap. After exhausting your daily limit, you can also use another 9mobile sim to connect.

Note that if it fails to connect, simply do the following steps by switching off your phone network via airplane mode.Switch the airplane mode of your phone on and off again only to reset the server, then go back and connect to the VPN. It will certainly connect after that.

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