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How Instagram’s co-founders created a website to monitor state-by-state propagation of COVID-19.


Using data from the COVID Tracking Program, the co-founders of Instagram built a platform to monitor the state-by-state distribution of COVID-19 in the US, Bloomberg News said.

The page,, utilizes the numbers known in epidemiology as an efficient amount of reproductions. It records the total number of individuals who receive the virus from an infected human.

“We’re trying to take what’s a complicated problem and get it down to a clear amount that everyone will see from their house,” said former Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom to Bloomberg.

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The Covid Monitoring Project, where gets its results, is an all-voluntary program that gathers statistics from reputable established outlets, such as public health agencies, which offers state-by-state information about the amount of COVID-19 tests conducted, whether positive or negative, the amount of hospitalizations and the number of fatalities.

Systrom told Bloomberg that the aim of was to help citizens better grasp what the transmission of the virus looks like at the local level.

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He and fellow Instagram co-founder Mike Krieger quit the company in 2018, six years since it was purchased by Facebook. Neither of them has a history in medicine or epidemiology, according to Bloomberg.

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