Hackers steal AMD Navi 21 and Xbox Series X GPU test source files, request $100 million


According to Engadget, some hackers claimed to have obtained test file source code for products including AMD Navi 21 and Microsoft Xbox Series GPUs, asking for $ 100 million and threatened to “leak everything” if there were no buyers.

AMD confirmed the matter in an official statement, saying that in December last year, someone claimed to have test files related to AMD’s current and future graphics products and contacted the official. Some of these files were recently posted online but have been deleted.
AMD said it knows that hackers have other documents unannounced, but believes that the stolen IP is not the core of the competitiveness or security of graphics products. 

amd theft

AMD said it is working closely with law enforcement and other experts to conduct criminal investigations.
Foreign media believes that even a small amount of unimportant data is stolen, which is enough to indicate that there is a problem with AMD’s security work, and more hackers may use similar vulnerabilities.

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