Google is moving its Messages portal from to

Android is synonymous with Google Inc in the mobile world. However, Google may soon be completely doing away with the term “Android” from its products.

A new change in Google’s Chromium OS indicates that the company is transitioning its messages web URL from to The new messaging web portal is not yet functional.

Android Messages web portal

Google Inc,new logo

Previously, Google renamed its Android Play to Google Play, Android Messages to simply Messages, and Android Wear to Wear OS. The change could be seen as an evolution of the tech giant as it incorporated tried and true successful products to bear its primary brand name while relegating or even aborting unsuccessful products, like Google Wave and Google+.

Google Inc has been nicknaming its Android OS on food items, like Cupcake for the first version after buying the company Android, Ice Cream Sandwich for Android version 4, and most recently Pie for Android version 9.

Google Android

We could only speculate that the company would rename its mobile Operating System to a more Googley term if it, indeed, wants to depart from the Android brand name.

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