Google and YouTube launches new resource page that helps students study from home


Google and YouTube recently launched a new resource page to help teachers and parents who stay at home due to the epidemic continue to provide their children with education.
Google’s page, called “Teach From Home,” provides teachers with advice on how to use Google products remotely to teach online.
Currently, the content on this page includes: using Hangouts to initiate class video calls, using Google Sheets to create online tests, and more.

Google says the page will “continue to improve.” In addition, Google also provides a “home learning kit”, which contains some other downloadable remote teaching resources.
Home learning is currently only available in English, but downloadable toolkits are available in Danish, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Polish, and Google says more languages ​​are “coming soon.”
The YouTube resource is called ” Learn @ Home ” and focuses on YouTube education channels that students can watch at home.
Channels are categorized on this page and are suitable for families of children aged 13 and above, suitable for families of children aged 5 and above, and suitable for families of preschool children.
YouTube is working with other educational creative agencies such as Khan Academy. 
Some of the most recommended channels include CrashCourse, Discovery Education, Cool School, PBS Kids and Sesame Street. 
Learn @ Home is currently only available in English. Italian, French, Korean, Spanish, Japanese and other versions will be available in the future, and more languages ​​will be launched.
Google will also launch a $ 10 million long-distance education fund, counted as part of the $ 50 million donated by the company ’s charity Google.org in response to the new coronavirus virus outbreak. 
Google.org will first allocate $ 1 million from the fund to Khan Academy to help the institution “provide distance learning opportunities for students affected by the new coronavirus epidemic.”

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