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Facebook Merges Messenger With Instagram DMs


Facebook has begun to turn the switch on the chat systems for Instagram and Messenger integration. “An upgrade screen showed up in Instagram’s mobile app for both iOS and Android smartphones with the alert” There’s a New Way to Message for Instagram “with a list of updates including a” new colorful look for your chats, “more emoji responses, swipe-to-reply, and the big one:” Facebook friends talk.

The standard DM icon in the top right corner of Instagram is replaced by the Facebook Messenger logo after you reach the update. Instagram chats are indeed more vibrant than ever, with updates from the sender shifting as you scroll between blue and purple. At least for now, though, it is still not possible to alert Facebook users on Instagram.

Facebook has made known its intentions to unify its extremely popular apps’ messaging systems to allow Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp cross-messaging. It was said that Facebook was restoring the underlying system so that people using multiple Facebook applications who were on only one of its applications could connect to others.

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Also, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said he wants the device to be encrypted end-to – end. Facebook could be able to compete more aggressively with Apple’s iMessage by combining the most common software.

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New features coming to Instagram DMs

On a variety of functions, for instance, forwarding posts, Instagram DMs lagged behind. Facebook announced that the following characteristics would be rolling out to Instagram in the immediate future in order to make this cross-compatibility possible:

  • Watch Together: Enjoy watching videos during a video call on Facebook Watch, IGTV, TV shows from Reels, movies, and more with friends and family.
  • Vanish Mode: Select a mode where messages are seen disappearing after they are seen or when the chat is closed.
  • Selfie Stickers: With your selfie, make a set of boomerang stickers to use in conversation.
  • Chat Colors: Using fun color gradients, personalize your chats.
  • Custom Emoji Reactions: Build a shortcut to respond quickly to friends’ messages with your favorite emojis.
  • Forwarding: Share excellent content quickly with up to five friends or groups.
  • Responses: In your chat, respond directly to a particular message and keep the conversation going.
  • Animated Message Effects: Add visual flair with animated message sending effects to your message.
  • Message Controls: Determine who can specifically send you a message and who can not send you a message at all.
  • Reporting and Blocking Updates improved
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Notably, this update won’t involve the installation of Facebook Messenger on your smartphone. To enter Messenger and its functionality, you can simply use Instagram. You will still not be required to upgrade to the latest experience directly either, you can just click “not now” when the order for upgrade arrives if you wish to stick a little longer with standard DMs.

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