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Facebook applies a new ‘care’ reaction to the like button.


Facebook is increasing its “care” reactions to help people express support. Facebook says it hopes that the response that shows a heart-wrapping face will help people feel “a little more linked” to their friends and family during the pandemic.

The Care reactions are expected to be launched globally on Facebook’s app and website sometime next week and can be viewed alongside others like button reactions.

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A specific care response is coming to Facebook Messenger: a heart-pounding. Messenger already has a heart reaction that is not animated. However, users will be given the option to move to the new one by pressing and holding down the default heart address.

Such recent updates are minor improvements relative to the far broader challenges Facebook is actually experiencing. Yesterday, the software giant revealed that it will continue introducing anti-misinformation notices to the news feeds of users that post stories containing misleading information relating to COVID-19.

Due to the pandemic, Facebook has experienced a huge rise in use across the world as more users sit indoors to maintain contact distances. While Facebook’s use is growing, the firm said at the end of March that it is financially adversely impacted by the fall in digital advertisement expenditure.

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