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Euro Forex Market Continues Fall as Yields Increase


This week, the Euro forex market has been struggling, with new lows being set. This has been fueled by rising US Treasury rates, which support a powerful US Dollar, as well as Europe’s ongoing COVID-19 struggles. Traders in the United States are looking forward to President Biden’s address on a potential infrastructure package. Following a shaky start to the week, this might give Wall Street a lift.

4-Month Low For Euro as Dollar Strength Continues

The downward trend in the Euro and Pound against the Dollar has extended into this week. The Euro has been hit the hardest, falling down to 1.17, while Sterling is now trading at smaller levels than it has been lately. Many elements are at stake in these movements, not least the EU’s ongoing fight to control COVID infections.

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Several key areas have recently been braced for a new wave of the virus, with Paris being one of the major cities that has gone back into lockdown. As they progress along the roadmap to reopen and remove schedule restrictions, the GBP has been less impacted. The only major stumbling block has been a long-running dispute with Europe over the AstraZeneca vaccine’s export. As a result of this squabble, future international negotiations have been proposed to support nations in mounting a concerted response to future pandemics.

Yields Rise as Attention Turns to Infrastructure

Focusing on the main factors that are behind the Greenback’s more resilience for forex traders, such as other countries’ struggles to vaccinate while the US seems to be well on the way to prosperity. At the end of April, up to 90% of Americans will have had the vaccine. With one victory under his belt, President Biden is about to unveil his multibillion-dollar infrastructure programme.

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Information that has already begun to surface regarding the plan’s contents leads to a vast volume of gross investment of up to $3 trillion. There continues to be a heavy emphasis on renewable energy, but no additional fuel taxes, at least for the time being. Foreign exchange (forex). Forex brokers are primed to see how this will impact both the Dollar and the wider trading environment this week.

Stocks Try to Recover From Huge Margin Call

The report that Archegos Capital was forced to liquidate several of its heavily leveraged positions with many top brokers across the street rocked Wall Street at the end of last week. This sent shockwaves through a variety of Chinese securities, as well as Viacom and Discovery, two firms in which the family office occupied major roles.

While this is being seen as a one-off occurrence, it has sparked debate about rule changes and increased broker knowledge, especially with regard to leveraged positions. Market futures remained mixed, with the Dow Jones marginally higher and the NASDAQ slightly lower.

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