Download RAWhatsApp iOS APK v8.70 (Anti-Ban) 2021


RAWhatsapp iOS APK is a version updated by WhatsApp for Android that looks like an iOS iPhone. Many today find the kind of Whatsapp program that has been updated to look sexy when seen by the eye, even though a new feature, namely (Dark Mode theme) can be downloaded from Google PlayStore, is currently official WhatsApp.

Using the official WhatsApp app or the updated one also depends on the user ‘s liking. Since we know that the WhatsApp Mod app has more functionality than the app’s official edition, but all WhatsApp mods have limitations of their own. In general, RA WhatsApp iOS also has features such as Anti-Banned, Anti-Delete Post, Download Story, Anonymity, iOS Theme, iOS Font, and several other additional features, such as the one in the WhatsApp Mod app.

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RAWhatsApp iOS APK display

What is RAWhatsApp iOS APK?

RAWhatsApp APK is an iOS theme mod app for android devices that focuses on users in unique categories who love the apple brand. It is yet another WAMOD, based on the Fouad MOD, when it comes to technical details.

Ridwan Arifin provides improvements in the color and design of user-interface, made it more identical to user-interface of the WhatsApp for iOS.

Features of RAWhatsApp iOS APK

  • Playstore 2.20.11 Base 
  • Privacy and security 
  • Last Seen Freeze. Note: Restart the request to apply 
  • Enable Like-stories on Instagram alternative 
  • Who can call me an option? 
  • Custom contacts, groups and status for privacy 
  • Hide Viewer status 
  • Messages from Anti-Delete 
  • Show the Blue Lice replied once
  • Locking of App Protection 
  • Download and Load XML Theme 
  • Adding a home page for the RA WhatsApp iOS App History 
  • Type of Font: RA Font iOS Bold 
  • IOS, and Emoji Default 
  • App and icons for the notification launcher 

  • Widget! Widget! 
  • Hide Gallery Media! 
  • Backup and Restore Options for Data 
  • Languages: Indonesian, Spanish , German, English, Malaysian, Russian, Turkish, etc … 
  • Image Sending Option Cap. 
  • Clean logs for Whatsapp. 
  • Cards for Multi-Chat. 
  • Customize the colour and look. 
  • Conversational style at home. 
  • Change the text size. 
  • Border Profile and choices for color changers to your taste. 
  • Countdown time and the option to allow the status of Online Contact in the header. 
  • In conversations, hide group messages and separators. 
  • Conversation entry style, action Bar, bug bubbles and profile picture.
RA WhatsApp iOS For Android

Download RAWhatsApp iOS APK

RA WhatsApp is available in the Regular version and the Kawaii version for details. The Kawaii version has an exclusive theme that has a girly interface that makes it suitable for All. You can’t find this application on the Google Play Store for details. So you have to directly download the file via the download link below.

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Download RAWhatsApp iOS Themes

How to Apply iOS theme on RAWhatsApp iOS APK

Not all models of the RA Whatsapp iOS app have the same style, and bugs are found on some devices often.

  1. Select Mod Settings.
  2. Then select Themes and Load themes.
  3. Locate the XML format file you have downloaded earlier.
  4. Click OK and the app will restart to apply the theme.

How to Install RAWhatsApp iOS APk

  1. Download RAWhatsAPP iOS APK from the Above link.
  2. Backup your data from original WhatsApp.
  3. Then, uninstall the original WhatsApp.
  4. Install the RAWhatsAPP iOS file Downloaded.
  5. Open it and Allow storage Permission (Android Settings >> Apps >> Permissions >> Storage)
  6. Then, Clip Install.
  7. Enjoy the Features of RAWhatsAPP iOS .

How to update RAWhatsApp iOS APK

If the new version is available, you can download it later at You should also save this download page foryou to check later, and once an app update is completed, the post will be posted on this blog. But it is often said that RAWhatsApp iOS is changed with the feature (Anti_Expired), so no issue has to be updated, as long as the app can still be used as normal.

If you have any questions about the new update of RA Whatsapp iOS, please leave a comment at the bottom below.

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