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OGWhatsapp is another mod app from the app’s original Whatsapp Messenger version. It helps you to have on your Android mobile two distinct versions of Whatsapp. The OGWhatsapp is handled by a third party developer because the app has its immense and faulty sides. Once enabled on your Android phone or tablet, the OGWhatsApp APK program would allow the use of 2 different WhatsApp phone numbers on a single phone.

But above all, it must be said that you can download and use this APK without fear: your WhatsApp account will not be canceled and your user data will be well secured, as well as the personal information and messages you share with your friends. Or that is what the creator says, at least.


What does OGWhatsapp mean?

OGWhatsapp Often known as OGWA, OGWhatsapp is a secure , safe and stable variant of the official Whatsapp program. Often, the basic WhatsApp version simply doesn’t include what we’re searching for. On the other hand, developers are modifying OGWhatsApp, which brings interesting features together with the simple ones. The use of this program would not hinder both your privacy and security.

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In our everyday use, there are lots of features added that are helpful. DND mode, Hide online status, Customization, and auto-reply function are its key characteristics. Without any issues, all these functions work seamlessly. OGWhatsapp developers keep upgrading the app and introducing new Ogwhatsapp upgrade functionality to the current version. We also included full information about the OGWhatsApp in this article and its functionality with direct download links, too.

Download OGWhatsapp APK

App Name:OGWhatsapp
App Version:8.90
App Size:50MB
Developer:Team OG
Lastest update:2days
From Android version:5.0

Let us inform you that you will have to uninstall any WhatsApp installed on your Android smartphone before you begin downloading and installing.  Before continuing, please provide a backup of your results.


OGWhatsApp ‘s Features

  • Hide Online Status: You can hide your online status and use and reveal it to someone that is not related. Only your last login date will surface.
  • Hide Blue Ticks: When you read any notifications received from your mates, you will hide blue ticks for friends and groups.
  • Hide Second Tick: When you send some messages from your contacts, you will hide second ticks for the contacts and group.
  • Writing Hides Tick: Can you hide the writing? For contacts and groups, when a letter is being typed.
  • Hide Recording Status: You can hide Touch and Party Recording Status, and you can also swipe up the micro icon while recording voice notes to keep it recording without tapping on it.
  • Hide Blue Microphone: When you open the received voice note, you will hide the Blue Microphone for contacts and groups.
  • Hide View Status: When viewing the published status of your contacts, you will hide your name.
  • Capacity to send large files of videos, pictures and audio: up to 50 MB.
  • To be able to access those chats, create passwords.
  • Help for the sending of further file formats, such as e-books
  • Shift fonts for text.
  • Send pictures without the original quality being compressed and preserved.
  • New emojis.
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How to Apply Themes on OGWhatsApp

It’s easy to add themes to OGWhatsApp; you need to go to the library of themes and pick the theme according to your preference. To find a specific theme from the 1000 + theme choices, you can even use the search is also similar to that of Aero whatsapp.

  1. Open the Settings menu for OGWhatsApp.
  2. Go to the section on themes
  3. Now choose Download Themes or Load / Restore a theme if your phone is already saved.
  4. Choose any theme from Download, and tap Install
  5. If the installation is done,’ Restart OGWhatsApp.’ will be needed.
  6. Enjoy your style, freshly downloaded.
OGWhatsapp theme settings

Conclusion, Conclusion

The advanced edition of the original WhatsApp is OGWA or OGWhatsApp. On the internet, there are several bogus modded WhatsApp apps; please scan the program before downloading them. OGWhatsApp offers a lot of new features and updates that can make WhatsApp entertaining and secure for your everyday use. With OGWhatsApp you can do a lot of things, from uploading stories to hiding your internet status, but seeing others

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