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The MEmu Android emulator is an application or app for Windows. It enables you to update your favorite Android applications and games free of charge on your PC or laptop as well. Yeah, on a wider screen on your Windows PC, you can play clan clash. Use the whats app on your notebook and all your favorite games for free on your laptop. In order to get started, you should download the MEmu installer.

There is a fantastic function in this simulator, i.e. key mapping. This helps gamers to map keys according to the games they play, since there is a crosshair setting and fire location for shooting games, you can even adjust gravity accelerometer, GPS movement, path control with AWSD keys for MMORPG games attack position. You can save it after you have put your main mapping in, and after that, you can use it anytime you play the game. Specifically for games, Micovirt customized the MEmu app player so that you can take your Android gaming with the MEmu emulator to a whole new stage.

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MEmu App Player Windows Vsita/7/8.1/10 Device Specifications

  • Windows Vista and newer models of Windows Vista are available.
  • AMD or Intel x86 CPU(Better with support for virtualization technology)
  • GPU with the support of OpenGL 2.0+
  • Free RAM of at least 1 GB
  • Installation paths should have at least 2 GB of disk space available.
  • For 10x better results, you need to enable Virtualization.

Features of the Microvirt MEmu emulator

In order to clone your current emulator, you can use the Multi MEmu functionality of the MEmu application player, or you can build a new emulator for different versions of Android. With this multiple MEmu, you will play the same game with different posts at the same time. You can make 3 separate emulators for each of them, as if you had 3 Clash of Clans accounts, and they can play with all their COC accounts at the same time.

  • Full of compatibility with various hardware configurations like AMD and Intel, Nvidia. It is also compatible with most of the in-demand games available in the market.
  • Multiple instances of your current emulator with just a single click.
  • Experience Android gaming at a whole new level with your keyboard, mouse, and joystick. Enjoy on a much bigger screen with personalized key mapping.
  • With a bigger screen with a better experience and fantastic graphics, enjoy all your favorite Android games on your PC.
  • Spontaneous sponsorship of various Android kernels such as Android Jellybean/KitKat/Lollipop.
  • Best 2x benchmark results relative to the new Android flagship phones.
  • Beta (Test Version) MEmu 7.1 Nougat is live – Download Offline Installer.
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Latest Version Details:

  • Version Code: 7.2.9 (Nougat
  • Updated On: November 10, 2020

How to download and install MEmu

  1. You first need to click the “Download MEmu” button below to download the MEmu app player. Then, click again on the black download link on the next page.

  1. Now it will open a pop up showing to download the .exe file, click on “save file. then, it will start downloading the MEmu installer application. If you have any issues in downloading, you can try using a download from Google Mirror.
  2. After download starts wait for download finish. The application size is around 330MB. Therefore, if you are on a slow internet network, it can take a while.
Download MEmu for PC 1 768x486 1
  1.  After the download finishes, you can click on the .exe file to run the installer, go through the installation process. It will need some time to complete the installation.
  2. After successfully installing MEmu It will create 2 shortcuts one for MEmu app player. One is default or first emulator, and the other is Multi MEmu for creating new emulators.
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