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One of the best mods for downloading videos and images is InstaAero. The best part of the app is that like every other Instagram Mod, you will get extra functionality that might not be available. In Xposed Modules, like XInsta, you can’t even get these functions.

So, with the use of this android app called InstaAero, you do not need to root your system or update Xposed Code. It’s yet another Android version that comes from the Official Origins of

Aero Applications are notorious for strong themes, and that’s the thing everybody needs, of course. For users who are most likely to use each app in the dark mode, we currently have a dark version.


What is InstaAero APK?

InstaAero Mod APK is the Official Instagram Mod Version. It’s a Mod APK, but it has a lot of functionality that an Instagram official doesn’t have. And it also provides anonymity and personalization for you, too. 

The highlights of InstaAero Mod APK include numerous gorgeous themes and even include a user interface. It gives you the best functionality as opposed to any other Mods. It’s a very useful and safe Mod than those with lots of features with it. You just have to import it to your Android smartphone and install it.

Download InstaAero APK

InstaAero APK comes in different colours and the download links are below. The app is stable and only weighs 39 MB in size.

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UpdatedMarch 09, 2021
DeveloperBozkurt Hazarr
APK Size45MB

Features of InstaAero

  • Videos and images from history can be downloaded. 
  • You can easily cover your stories and pick the people you want your story to see. 
  • Customization: The hell of Instagram customization. This involves screen conversations and conversation customization. 
  • You will discover who is following you, the most important aspect. For instance, if you follow a person but are not sure whether or not he is following you, then Instagram Plus will do it for you. Only go to the profile of that person under the name of the profile and you can see that he follows you or not easily. 
  • Hide from messages “Seen” status. That is, even after showing the other messages, you can cover the seen button
  • Hide typing
  • The choices available for Dark Green, Dark White, Gold White, Light UI are 
  • Hell, a lot of choices for choosing appearances 
  • Best Mode of Darkness!! 
  • Bio, you can copy the comments, 
  • Use your own language to translate comments 
  • Start and stop the Instagram videos from auto-loading. You can change the options just by keeping the camera icon in the upper left corner.
  • Quick forward and images rewind immediately. Without the need to wait for it to get to your stage, you can just fast forward and rewind any video. 
InstaAero APK

How to Install InstaAero APK

  • To install the app on your Android device, simply download the InstaAero APK from the above download link.
  • Ensure that you allow unknown sources from Settings 
  • To install the InstaAero APK software, find it in the Download Manager or File Manager and click on it. 
  • Click the Open button after installation to launch the app. 
  • And login for fun.


All in all, if you’re a lover of dark themes, it’s a perfect app to tweak your themes. With the app’s default theme, we always get bored. So it makes us a lot of choices, not just black, not only white, but a whole bunch of them from yellow to red. When you wish, restructure the themes. 

Also customize your privacy settings as per your needs. Download high quality pictures and videos in no time. Safe and secure apk while keeping you data private no issues about the security of the data. Download your video chats and even translate the comments everything is included in this aero apk.

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