Download BMWhatsApp APK V8.51 Latest Version {iOS X}


In addition to the approved edition, BMWhatsApp comes in three versions, the approved replacement edition and two clones, featuring fantastic features and all the WhatsApp Plus and regular iPhone software. And a whole lot more. Download the new edition of BMWhatsApp.

BMWhatsapp gives you the feel and look of an iOS device being powered by WhatsApp. If you want to look like that on an iPhone or iPad with your WhatsApp on Android, so you’ve got to try BMWhatsApp. It has a recent update that includes features like recent emojis, photo profile visibility, and much more.

The BMWhatsApp APK V8.27 iOS Version facilitates calls, profile zoom, and most of all, evidence is forbidden. You can mask the last view and choose from a variety of theme servers, too. It’s available in three different models and you can get anything from here.

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Features oF BMWhatsApp

  • Based on 2.20.11 (Store of Play) 
  • Proof Ban. 
  • Supporting calls. 
  • Mods for privacy: Mask the” Last seen.
  • Zoom for shooting profiles. 
  • Changer in Emojis! 
  • Modification Ticks / Bubbles Vogue Mod. 
  • Group counter statistics. 
  • Show Online/last Seen in Main Screen.
  • Increase the size of  sending your video from 16 MB to 30 MB.
  • Theme mods and Theme Server (for themes to be downloaded / applied). 
  • File delivery increases from 10 images to 90. 
  • Increase the term status from 139 to 250 characters. 
  • Capacity to click without initiative on your mates’ position in contacts. 
  • When copying to another chat person, cover the name and the year.
  • The ability to distinguish both typical messaging and broadcast messages. 
  • Status for Copy and Paste. 
  • New Emojis Allowed 
  • Conversations Panel Like Delta-WA Added 3 Forms 
  • Cover Photo Profile Info Added 
  • List View Impact Applied
  • Added Tabs for Resizer Counters 
  • Emojis iOS Added 
  • Widget Calendar Display has been added to the Action Bar (click Date Action Bar) 
  • Resizer Conversations Row eliminated 
  • Browser Navigations Tab Eliminated 
  • Corrected, plus more.

Download BMWhatsApp APK V8.51 iOS Edition Latest Version

The version of  BMWHATSAPP HERE  white theme HERE and even the version of BMWhatsApp Red theme HERE 
You can import versions of

How To Download And Install BMWhatsApp {BM WA iOS X} On Android

  • On your Android phone, make sure you’ve got enough specs. 
  • Enable Unknown Sources installation on your phone. Go to Settings < Security. 
  • You can download and install Whatsapp now. Using your phone number to open it. You will recover your backup using the previous WhatsApp.

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