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Best ways to free up space in Windows 10

Removing basic filesTo free up space, The Disk Cleanup tool is one of the most basic and full for extracting simpler files. It can delete browser archives, temporary system...
Stadia connect

Stadia Connect: Google presents its streaming service with a better title

Google today revealed new games as part of a Connect broadcast that will soon be playing with the Stadia game streaming service. In addition to the first exclusive titles,...
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Coursera to give free access to 3,800 online courses for unemployed workers

Online learning platform Coursera will make 3,800 of its courses available for free to people unemployed due to the coronavirus pandemic, Gizmodo reported. The Coursera Workforce Recovery Initiative is...
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The new developments in technology that will affect industry in 2020

Are you in line with the rapid pace of adoption of emerging digital technologies? Does your company have a good base for SMAC (social, web, analytics,...
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New York City prohibits Zoom in school, stating security issues

Schools are quiet, so students still have to study. But officials in New York City state that schools are not authorized to use Zoom for remote instruction, raising security...
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Need to endure the downturn? Better create a platform

At the point when you take a gander at the best organizations on the planet, they are never only one straightforward assistance. Rather, they offer a stage with a...
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Google is briefly moving back Chrome’s SameSite cookie prerequisites

With the dispatch of Chrome 80 in February, Google started bit by bit revealing an update that changes how outsider treats take a shot at sites, called "SameSite." Today,...
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Zoom includes new security and protection measures to forestall Zoombombing

Zoom will before long turn on passwords and lounge areas for gatherings as a matter of course for clients on its complementary plan and those with a solitary permit...

COVID-19 pandemic is already reshaping tech’s misinformation crisis

Since 2016, social media companies have faced an endless barrage of bad press and public criticism for failing to anticipate how their platforms could be used for dark purposes...
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Google is now publishing coronavirus mobility reports, feeding off users’ location history

Google is giving the world a clearer glimpse of exactly how much it knows about people everywhere — using the coronavirus crisis as an opportunity to repackage its persistent...


How to Stream Free 2020 Netflix Videos Without Subscription or Netflix...

Netflix has become one of the sites supplying the customers with the newest video streaming movie and alternatively downloading where people get...