Netflix raises prices for US customers

As its video streaming service rides a surge of increasing popularity despite coronavirus-fueled lockdowns, Netflix is raising much of its U.S. rates by 8 percent to 13 percent.
app not installed

How to Fix App Not Installed fix no root

It is actually very annoying when you try to install an app with the .apk extension or a game e.g pubg mobile and you get the error message 'App not...
Facebook Merges Messenger With Instagram DMs

Facebook Merges Messenger With Instagram DMs

Facebook has begun to turn the switch on the chat systems for Instagram and Messenger integration. "An upgrade screen showed up in Instagram's mobile app for both iOS and...
Twitter verification

How to Get the verified on Twitter

Twitter verification helps users to know if a public interest account is legitimate.The badge appears next to the name on the profile of an account and in search results...

Copyright case for decade-long Oracle-Google goes to the highest US court

In a dispute with huge consequences for copyright in the modern world, a decade-old legal dispute between Silicon Valley giants Oracle-Google regarding software rights is heading to the Supreme...

Everything you need to know about 5G

5G would be a game-changer for business and society. Smart towns, plants and cars are going to mean it. It would mean virtual and augmented reality that is more...

Apple unveils the latest iPad and iPad Air eighth generation

Apple has also added a few more iPads, including the eighth generation iPad and the more iPad Air, to its lineup. Starting with the eighth-generation...

Intel to acquire smart urban transport company Moovit for $1B to increase its autonomous...

In the world of smart transportation, some major M&A is in the offing in Israel. According to many reports and sources that have approached TechiCovery, chip giant Intel is...
apple,charger,close up

How Charging a MacBook on the wrong side can trigger noisy fans and less...

Apple may have a new Chargegate on its hands from the looks of it. Several users have found that their MacBook Pro uses the left side ports to max...
windows 10, space, free

Best ways to free up space in Windows 10

Removing basic filesTo free up space, The Disk Cleanup tool is one of the most basic and full for extracting simpler files. It can delete browser archives, temporary system...


The new developments in technology that will affect industry in 2020

Are you in line with the rapid pace of adoption of emerging digital technologies? Does your company have a...