iPhone XS

6 methods to improve your phone’s poor network connection and weak signal power

Toggle Airplane modeToggling your phone's link is the fastest and simplest way to try to resolve your signal issues.Android: You can slide down from the top of your screen...
how to download,icloud,mac,pc

Easiest way to download all images from iCloud to your PC

On Windows PC1. Click here and download the iCloud manager for Windows;2. Log in to your iCloud account (Apple ID);3. Activate the Photos option and, beside it click on...
airplane mode windows 10

Instructions to fix Airplane mode errors in Windows 10

Airplane mode is a feature that allows Windows 10 devices to be safely used on airplanes since they completely block all types of external connectivity.Unfortunately, like all Windows 10...
Facebook, new version, dark mode

Facebook Update 2020: You Can Now Activate The New Facebook Interface With Dark Mode

If there is one thing that remains constant for life, then that is Change. And, it happens in all fields, including technology. One of the most significant changes of...
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How to Add Music to an Instagram Story in 7 Easy Steps

Adding Music From InstagramFirst, we're going to add music straight from Instagram. To start your story, tap the Camera button or Your Story icon. Snap your picture or video...
Glo share plan

How to Share Data on Glo Network

Are you a Glo subscriber, but you have no idea how your family and friends will exchange Glo data? If so, these tips for Glo data transfer will benefit...
Twitter verification

How to Get the verified on Twitter

Twitter verification helps users to know if a public interest account is legitimate.The badge appears next to the name on the profile of an account and in search results...
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Xiaomi Redmi K30 Pro and Pro Zoom have Snapdragon 865 and retractable camera

Xiaomi Redmi K30 Pro has 5G and 64-megapixel quad-camera; Redmi K30 Pro Zoom has a 3x optical zoom. The Xiaomi is back with two new cells: the Redmi K30...

How to activate Free Daily 9mobile 150MB Data For EC Tunnel PRO

today we offer you another 9mobile free data cheat that will allow you use 9mobile 150MB data 2020 on a regular basis. you can also get 9mobile SocialPak...

MTN & Airtel in Nigeria Opera Mini Free Browsing

Be sure to download Opera Mini and Opera News from the Google Play Store if you have not yet downloaded Opera Mini or Opera News, but would like to...


is Facebook really the most ‘vulnerable’ big tech firm facing disruption...

Facebook is the most vulnerable large technology company when it comes to facing disruption, a prominent venture capitalist told CNBC on Tuesday,...