10 Ways to prevent your computer from Overheating

10 Ways To Prevent Your Computer From Overheating

It is vital to keep your computer running at healthy temperatures , especially when the temperature rises outside. Here's how to ensure that your computer does not overheat, and...
How to fix a stuck laptop

How to fix a laptop cursor that’s stuck

For decades, the cursor and the laptop have gone side in side, so it can be unbelievably irritating when the former ceases functioning. It limits the movement around your...
Windows 10

Windows 10 updates are the best news of all time!

Microsoft aims to ensure the best experience of Windows 10 possible. Of course, there are a variety of factors that must work in order for this to happen. We...
DELL XPS 15 (2020) Review, New Design and price

DELL XPS 15 (2020) Reviews, New Design and price

Dell XPS 15 2020 model boast an impressive performance, a powerful graphics card and better speaker. We certainly don't have to remind you that some of the finest laptops...

How to use Control Centre on the Mac

It will add the iOS / iPadOS Control Center to the Mac for the first time when macOS Big Sur begins launch. As a consequence, many convenient features are...
windows 20

Windows 10 is buggy, Windows 20 is the Microsoft operating system we need!

Windows 10 has had over its share of problems over the years, with buggy updates inflicting a large kind of issues for users. The May 2020 Update is almost...
screenshots on mac

How to Resolve Screenshots On Mac Is Not Working Problem

Are your Mac screenshot shortcuts not reacting correctly? Do you hear the sound of the camera shutter, but it doesn't show on your screen? Well, there's no question that...
zoom logo,design,logo

Zoom includes new security and protection measures to forestall Zoombombing

Zoom will before long turn on passwords and lounge areas for gatherings as a matter of course for clients on its complementary plan and those with a solitary permit...
Google, plain design

Google is now publishing coronavirus mobility reports, feeding off users’ location history

Google is giving the world a clearer glimpse of exactly how much it knows about people everywhere — using the coronavirus crisis as an opportunity to repackage its persistent...
Virus, health

UK turns to WhatsApp to share coronavirus information

Three years ago, the U.K. government chastised WhatsApp for using enabling end-to-end encryption by default. Today, it’s relying on the encrypted messaging app as a vital service for sharing information about...


ZArchiver Pro v0.9.4 APK Download latest version 2021

ZArchiver is a program that is used on an Android device to handle compressed data. It helps to construct a compressed file...