Beta iOS version of Microsoft Authenticator adds Password Manager


IOS users could soon be able to replace their iPhones with the iCloud keychain feature to automatically fill in Microsoft Authenticator passwords. “The Redmond firm’s two-factor authentication app has started prompting some users to add a password manager, with the feature called “coming soon.

Folks have managed to get the functionality running on a trial version of the app and have shared a few screenshots over at Microsofters. In the settings, users will be able to go to the password autofill provider option and pick Authenticator as the manager, which is a welcome change for those using Microsoft services.

When accessible, passwords stored in Microsoft Edge, connected to the Microsoft account of users, would be accessible under the “Passwords” section of the app. For iOS users who favor the Edge browser, the inclusion is particularly nifty, as credentials can be synchronized across various devices, including Windows 10 and Android. However, Apple’s in-built approach is restricted to iOS and macOS only.

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It will not be long before it makes it to all consumers with the feature popping up on the beta edition of the app.

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