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Apple Recruiting Engineers To Develop 6G Wireless Technology

In order to improve 6G wireless innovations, Apple is actively hiring engineers. In November last year, the firm, along with Google, joined the Next G Alliance, a coalition that seeks to promote the next generation of wireless technology (6G).

On its own, the organization has already begun operation. This is according to a recent career posting that Bloomberg spotted. The posting reveals that the company headquartered in Cupertino is recruiting engineers and talent that will assist in designing 6G wireless innovations of the next decade.

6G technology is also many years away from deployment, provided that 5G has not yet been completely implemented internationally. But again, it seems like US companies have been taken off guard by their Chinese counterparts who have lead the way in 5G rollout, so they are hoping to prevent a repeat.

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The job posting describes that Apple is searching for individuals who will “research and design next-generation (6G) wireless communication systems for radio access networks” and “participate passionately in 6G technology in industry/academic forums.” It further notes that the applicant will have the rare and fulfilling ability to build wireless technology of the next generation that will have a strong impa impa. “You will be at the center of a cutting-edge research group responsible for creating disruptive radio access technologies for the next generation over the next decade in this role.”

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Apple entered an association of businesses collaborating on specifications for 6G and other next-generation wireless technology late last year. Very poorly specified are the specifications and timing for 6G, although some experts say the system could make speeds more than 100 times higher than 5G.

Experts are of the belief that requirements for 6G cellular infrastructure will not be enforced until after 2030, so now is the best time to launch research and development. Obviously, Apple is looking to get ahead of the pack and maybe improve the 6G modem and other items that can be used on its smartphones and other devices.

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