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Apple lets you open your iPhone when you wear a mask


Face recognition was a positive thing — before vast parts of the planet had to wear face masks and made them completely useless.

We seem to have learned our pain from Apple.

In the current developer Edition of iOS 13.5, users note a subtle new feature that lets you open your iPhone when you wear a mask

Robert Petersen and Guilherme Rambo shared a video on Twitter show that Face ID devices from Apple are jumping to the screen of the backup passcode entry if they sense a mask. Not only is it good that hundreds of times a day, as we all do, but you also unlock your phone. It also helps keep the people safe by not requiring users to remove their masks and exposing them to the virus.

Apple’s new Face ID unlock feature in iOS 13.5 beta (Source: Guilherme Rambo)

It is not known whether the final version of the software update would contain that feature. But a new API contact monitoring framework developed by Apple and Google in collaboration is one of the features that will be included, allowing national health departments to develop applications that can privately and anonymously help users find out whether anyone is exposed to coronavirus.

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In the coming weeks, iOS 13.5 will arrive.

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