Google Authenticator has provided its first android update in the last three years, upgrading the code for larger displays with more sophisticated aspect ratios and delivery of one of the most important features of the platform (via Android Police).

The program has an authentication function. The Android edition had been last patched on August 22, 2017, while the iOS was upgraded to iPhone X screens about a year ago.

Now, for the first time authenticator users are able, without having to manually copy each code, disable it or redefine two-factor authentication (2FA) on each account, easily to switch from one computer to another.

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This functionality is implemented by means of an import/export tool that enables you to select which accounts to include and move with a single QR scan. It’s a feature that Authy has been offering for a number of years, and it’s exciting to see Authenticator come to it, even though it is years late.

The update also adapts the app’s architecture to take into account current 16:9 aspect ratios, introduces an adjustable dark mode for OLED displays, and provides a user interface analysis in line with the regular Google’s Material Design 2.

This update is currently only available to Android users, but we’re checking to see if it will soon be released on iOS. A comment request was not immediately answered by Google.

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