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Air mini by DJI’s Mavic takes a hit with better camera and battery life


This time out DJI had to kibosh their normal major reveal, for obvious reasons, but the company won’t let a little bit like a global pandemic get in the way of an announcement. The drone giant is announcing the sequel a little over two years after it unveils its lightweight Mavic Air.

When I looked up the original shortly after the launch, most of my thoughts centered on the utility of the drug. Sure, it was an amazing piece of engineering, but that’s just taking you that far. DJI seems to have at least resolved some of those problems this time around. Between them the battery capacity increased.

mini air

Among my key problems with the product was 21 minutes of life in the original. The company says the drone will be able to get on a charge for up to 34 minutes. We’re taking a spin framework and holding you up-to-date on how it translates into real life.

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The first time I found out a couple of usability bugs, too. On the software front, luckily, there are several updates, including, most notably, a new version of ActiveTrack. The function is said to have enhanced subject tracking on board, including the ability to move anything that an entity, like a tree, temporarily obscured by. The features of Point of Interest and Spotlight have also been upgraded.


Imaging is the thing, here again. As such, the biggest updates are on the front of the image and the video. The new Air will fire 4 K video in 60 frames per second. Stills can be taken at up to 49 megapixels, while the gimbal with three axes can help relieve some of the shaking of the drone. The machine can also take images and video in HDR and do 8x slow motion. There are also recent low-light improvements and scene recognition tools.

Many enhancements on board include enhanced wireless communication and enhanced obstacle avoidance. The latter is particularly useful for fliers of novices but is a welcome addition for any level.

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The Mavic Air 2 is on sale in China today. The COVID-19 crisis has greatly affected shipping around the world (including the U.S.). Pre-orders are open today, and shipping by mid-May is “expected.” At this point, DJI, understandably, does not seem especially certain. The machine opens at $799. There’s also a version of $988 which includes a charging center, three batteries, and one carrying case.

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