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5 Things You Should know Before Ditching WhatsApp for Signal


It is no longer news that individuals are threatening to turn to Signal from Whatsapp. In fact, some of my own friends are now telling me to give them messages on Signal, and someone has gone so far as to share with them that Whatsapp is about to be abandoned.

Most countries have demonstrated that their privacy is always a big deal, they are ready to fight if someone invades it and start searching for sharp, sharp alternatives! Although some are switching to Signal, other people are testing out Telegram. I’m going to share 5 stuff here about the Signal app that you should know if you turn to it. The more you know about the app, the more you can enjoy using it altogether.


01. Signal has stronger security options and privacy than WhatsApp

Signal also helps you to deliver a message in addition to end-to-end (E2E) encryption and to restrict the business (Signal) from understanding who sent it. This can be activated by turning on the ‘Sealed Sender’ feature, in which case only the software address to which the message should be sent would be known to Signal.

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On WhatsApp, E2E encryption is also present and Facebook actually uses the Signal Protocol to encrypt the messages and calls that we send on WhatsApp. Since WhatsApp’s privacy arguments are that users do not want the company to snoop on all of their personal data, Signal is a safer choice because the company does not gather personal data from users. On Signal, the sealed sender feature just brings this privacy security up a notch.

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02. WhatsApp defeats Signal in terms of social features

Chats, audio and video calls, and voice notes are the basic chat functions on WhatsApp. As well as the same cosy feeling you get when talking on WhatsApp, these features are available on Signal. Where Signal beats Whatsapp is in the presence of fading status, which is a big deal these days, really.

When you open their status updates on WhatsApp, some mates who you might not have updated on for a while unexpectedly come back to your mind. Status has now become a means for users to use video, graphics or text to communicate about their day. Businesses often use it on their timelines to advertise their offering to individuals.

You need to determine if the lack of the status feature is a big deal for you if you are looking to move to the app. If you can live without it, it’s nice for you to go.

03. Ancient chats do not have to fill up space whatsoever

This is comparable to the trimming function, but there is a distinction. You can pick how long you want messages to live on your phone if you go to the ‘Keep messages’ function in Settings. Chats will live on your computer for 6 months, 30 days, 1 year, indefinitely or for any amount of days that you are willing to have them.

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Signal deletes messages that are 30 days old and repeats the same procedure on every other message on the app if you set a 30-day deadline for your messages.

04. You can stop people from taking screenshots of your chats

On Signal, you can restrict people from taking screen shots of your chats. If your chat is open on Signal or in the latest list, it will restrict others from taking screenshots of it on your phone by having the “Screen security” option. This provides an extra layer of protection and guarantees that it is never possible to peddle information.

This does not deter the entity you connect with on the other hand from taking screenshots on his or her computer, though. Even so, without your knowledge, it might keep malware that hacks your phone from taking screenshots of your chats.

05. Signal has got you covered, If you do not like accumulating chats

Signal makes it possible to keep the chats below a daily benchmark for others. Through time, messages collect and on your messaging app alone you might get as many as 100,000 messages saved. There is a feature called “Conversation Length Limit” in the Configuration segment of Signal that automatically allows you to continuously trim chats.

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For instance, once you set your messages to never collect more than a certain amount of words, if you set it to 5000, Signal would erase all messages except the last 5,000. That way, all of the time, the chats remain lean and short.

All right, One More Interesting Detail on Signal

Signal is an instant messaging software created and funded by the Signal Foundation and developed by Signal Messenger LLC. Brian Acton, Whatsapp’s co-founder, is also a co-founder of the Signal Foundation. Since Facebook acquired the company for 21.8 billion dollars, Acton quit Whatsapp.

Moxie Marlinspike is the foundation’s other co-founder as well as Signal’s CEO. Signal LLC is a non-profit corporation that has no connections with big tech firms and will not be owned from either.

As long as you’re comfortable with the privacy standards and their functionality, you can continue using Whatsapp for contact. However, if you have questions about safety that Whatsapp doesn’t worry about, then go ahead and turn to Signal.

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