Latest 100MB Daily Free Browsing Cheat For MTN NG On NapsternetV VPN


Oh, hey boys! This article you are about to read is about the free internet surfing of MTN 100MB regular using NapsternetV. I’m going to share with you how to customize NapsternetV to get 100MB MTN NG and browse for free.

The regular NCDC free 100MB space allocation is used by the new MTN 100MB free browsing. You can now visit all websites with it for free using certain vpn settings to power it up. This assumes that any SIM is eligible for the 2021 MTN 100MB web browsing scam. The stark vpn Reloaded or opera mini cheats involve another MTN free browsing exploit.

NapsternetV is a V2ray VPN client designed for you to privately and safely access the internet.

The free browsing of MTN NapsternetV is not unrestricted, but limited to 100 MB of data per daily SIM. It is the current free browsing of MTN 0.0kb in 2021. Below is a discussion of the configuration settings.

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This hack is capped at 100MB per day, as I said previously, and operates on any MTN sim, be it 3G or 4G sim. And it’s also really fast. Only follow and enjoy the simple instructions below.

  • Mtn SIM 3G or 4G
  • Download NapsternetV vpn from this link Here
  • Also download this Config File HereAlways come back to this post for new Config File. We post new file before it expires. After downloading the file, make sure to rename the Config file and remove .txt from the name.  The name should look like MTN 100MB NEW.npv2

How to Set 100MB Daily Free Browsing Cheat For NapsternetV on MTN

With just few steps you are Good to go on 100MB Daily Free Browsing 😊 and please fallow the instructions below carefully… If you miss any steps, please do well to leave a comment below, in the comment section.

  • First Download NapsternetV VPN APK from the above link, and also download the Config file
  • Then click on the icon menu shown below
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Screenshot 20210225 092554
  • Next click the import nvp2 config file
IMG 20210225 104207 266
  • Then click on allow, to give permission
Screenshot 20210225 092643
  • And click on ok
Screenshot 20210225 092704
  • Then locate the Config file you Downloaded and click on it
  • You will be asked to enter config password. Type “entclassblog” without quote. This password could be different for every file update.
  • Click on the play/start icon at the bottom right corner to connect your NapsternetV
Screenshot 20210225 102556
  • Here is what you need to take note of, if you get connected, make sure to tap on the Stats page to see the Graph reading.
Screenshot 20210225 102622
  • If the Graph doesn’t read uplink and downlink, then it won’t browse. All you have to do is apply airplane mode and connect again. Then check the Stats page to see if the Graph has started reading. If it is, then you can start browsing, chatting and downloading.

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